6 Effects of Frequent Sleep and Lazy

6 Effects of Frequent Sleep and Lazy

Who doesn't like lying down? This lazy activity is often done by many people when the body starts to get tired. Unfortunately, this activity whose only intention is to rest the body is actually too often done by people today. Not infrequently, their bodies become less fit due to frequent lying down and not moving much.

Frequent lying down can reduce the concentration

Frequently lying down can make the lungs squeeze. As a result, the body can only receive a little oxygen. Lack of oxygen received by the brain can cause a decrease in concentration, work also becomes difficult to focus.

haven't been moving for so long, the body loses muscle strength, as a result, the lower back often hurts

Lying down all day can make us lose one percent of muscle strength every day. Within a week, we've lost 20 to 30 percent lo! This then makes the lower back so painful due to long periods of not moving.

If 70 percent of your day is spent lying down, you are at risk of developing insulin resistance

This condition can increase blood sugar levels causing diabetes. Especially if you lie down while eating unhealthy snacks such as chocolate, candy, or sweet packaged drinks.

Because lying down is a passive lifestyle, you are vulnerable to anxiety and depression

Those who like to lie down are usually lazy to move because they have little energy. In fact, doing many activities can restore the *mood* due to the stress you go through. Well, if you are stressed all the time without doing many activities, over time you will feel depressed and have anxiety disorders.

Because you are lazy to move, you lose muscle mass which leads to osteoporosis

You have to train your muscles and bones every day to be healthier and stronger. Unfortunately, the habit of spending time lying down can actually make muscle density decrease drastically. If left unchecked, this can lead to bone and joint problems such as osteoporosis. As a result, the body becomes weak and tired quickly.

The long-term effect, lying down can cause heart disease

When lying down, the heart will beat faster. As a result, blood flow will be disrupted because the process of absorption of oxygen to the body is reduced. Gradually, this can trigger heart disease that results in death.

Laying down and being lazy is not prohibited, but just enough. Frequently lying down can make us lazy to do other activities.