Early Signs And Symptoms of Diabetes Every Woman Must Know

Early Signs And Symptoms of Diabetes Every Woman Must Know

Diabetes is a disease which the body cannot produce insulin or insulin produced is not sufficient. Insulin itself is a hormone that has the function to convert glucose in the body into energy that is spread throughout the body.

This disease can be caused by many things. Starting from genetic or hereditary factors, age factors, and factors of weight or obesity. The symptoms of diabetes can actually be detected earlier. It's just that not many people know the symptoms. In women, the symptoms of diabetes can be seen from some of these things. Let's read the information below.

1. Frequent Infection of Urinary Tract

Quoted from pbrc.edu, Daniel Hsia, MD, an assistant research professor at PBRC, said that high blood sugar levels can create an environment that triggers the emergence of infection. Can even cause vaginal discharge. If you often have vaginal discharge or urinary tract infection, you may have diabetes.

2. Easily feel thirsty

When blood sugar levels are high, the sodium content in the blood tends to decrease. As a result so easy to feel thirsty. But if the thirst does not go away after several times drinking water, be aware of diabetes symptoms.

3. Blurry Eye View

Blood glucose can enter the lens of the eye and makea blurry vision. Usually the eyes blur when the blood sugar level decreases. If you often have this problem when you have no nearsightedness or farsightedness, this may be a symptom of diabetes.

4. Back and forth Urinate

Because the increase in blood sugar makes sodium levels decreased, the body will try to avoid dehydration. But drinking a lot of water does not help because so often back and forth urinate.

5. Often Difficult to Concentrate

Launched from n.neurology.org, a recent study from Harvard Medical School shows that rising blood sugar can make blood vessels in the brain more rigid and reduce the intake of oxygen to the brain, causing inflammation, and makes it harder to concentrate. If you often experience this condition then you should be aware of diabetes symptoms.

6. Easily feel tired

Often feel tired easily? Already feeling enough rest but always tired? A drastic rise in blood sugar may be the cause. Diabetics generally also often feel tired easily though not doing a lot of activity.

7. Uncontrollable Appetite

Diabetes limits the body's ability to channel glucose to the bloodstream and blood and the cells of the body where sugar is stored and converted into energy. When the body can not have enough energy, the appetite effect becomes uncontrollable or feel hungry every time.

8. Wounds in the Old Body Heal

Someone who has self sugar levels, the healing process can take a long time. Diabetes can reduce the blood flow of limbs that make the wound healing process longer. So if you often notice the wounds on your body healed too long, be aware of this.

If you feel one of these symptoms, consult your doctor immediately. In order to get immediate treatment and care.