5 Things You Should Not Do After Eating

5 Things You Should Not Do After Eating

There are still many people who do wrong activities after eating. Here are some things you should not do after you eat a lot:

Do not swim after you eat a lot

Many people think by doing a little exercise like swimming can get rid of the feeling of satiety you feel after eating. Swimming in a full stomach will actually make your stomach cramp and this can be fatal if you swim in long-distance and can not return to the edge because of the feeling of cramps that you feel.

Do not go to sleep immediately after eating

Many people eat late and go to bed afterward. This can also happen during the daytime where there are so many food temptations. But sleeping after you are full of food will bring two bad consequences. Food can not be digested properly and can make you wake up with a burning sensation in your mouth and throat. This happens because the digestive enzyme rises upward. Wait a while before you sleep after eating.

Do not eat fruit after you eat

Eating fruit is one of the good habits, but it is not recommended to eat fruit after a meal. Eating fruit shortly after you eat will make your stomach bloated and will make the fruit is not digested properly. It can also cause stomach problems.

Do not smoke after you eat

It may seem ideal to smoke after eating for smokers. Smoking is not good for health, no matter what, especially if you have gastritis, colitis, and irritable bowel syndrome.

Do not drink tea after you eat

Tea has a high acid content that makes the protein content in the diet actually increases. As a result the food that goes into the body so difficult to digest. Tea is also known to interfere with the absorption of iron and minerals in the body. If you still want to enjoy tea, mix with more water or wait an hour after eating.