Doing Video Interview? Read the Tips Here!

Doing Video Interview? Read the Tips Here!

Other than having the knowledge and skills, there are rules about online interview you need to know. Make sure you remember all these tips below in your mind.
1. 25% Body Language.

Judy Sahay, director of the Crowd Media Group, said she had interviewed via Skype, and the interviewee looked nervous when the interview began. "It's not wrong if you're nervous at the beginning of the interview - it just shows that you really want the job. But in time, you have to get used to and control yourself well, "said Judy.

Another tip from Judy: make eye contact while interviewing, no matter how nervous you are. Turning in the middle of an interview (especially to your left) shows that you are lying.
2. 25% Professional Clothing.

You cannot rely solely on the ability to answer interview questions. Although not directly met, it is important to choose appropriate clothing when going online interview. Well, instead of showing that you are a brave person, some colors like red tend to show that you are a person who likes to oppose.

Nerissa Chaux, Co-founder of Brown & Chase Talent Acquisition & Advisory, says that dark colors like navy, black, or gray are highly recommended colors for online interviews.
3. 25% The Right Space.

For good image quality, look for a room with a brightly colored background, and make sure there are no lights or windows behind so that your silhouette does not look dark on the camera screen. Make sure also that your room does not look messy and full of various items.
4. 25% A Quality Camera.

If you use a laptop for online interview, then stack a few books under the laptop to focus the camera on your whole face, not on the chin. If your laptop does not have a camera, then make sure your webcam is installed properly not falling or moving in the middle of the interview.
Mindblowings Tip:

Write down all the important things on sticky notes, then paste on the edge of your computer screen; such as your interview time, the phone number you need to contact, the position you are applying for, the name and position of the interviewer (also the pronunciation if the name or position you rarely hear). Good luck, dear!