Little Things You Should Not Leave In a Car

Little Things You Should Not Leave In a Car

Whether intentional or not, it turns out the little stuff you left behind could actually have an impact on your safety and others.

Especially during the day, where the sun is very hot. The heat of the sun may enter into the car. Especially for cars that are not parked outside. The small items you normally leave behind can be disastrous. The items you left may burn or cause an explosion, due to heat exposure for too long.

So what are the five items that should not be left in the car? Here's the list.

1. Power bank
Image Source: Facebook / Tan Heng Swee

Power banks are the most needed items when traveling. But better not to leave this thing in the car especially when the weather is in heat.

Several times a case of a power bank exploded when the owner left it in the car. Exposure to heat over long periods of time can make the bank power explosive.

2. Glass hanger case
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Patches like this are mostly found mounted on the windshield or rear of the car. This object usually works to stick decorations like dolls.

But who would have thought, it turns out this object if exposed to direct sun heat can deliver heat and burn objects in the car.

3. Glasses
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Many drivers leave their glasses on the dashboard. Though some of these glasses are made of magnifying glass that can deliver heat if exposed to the sun directly.

The impact is that it can burn something in your car. And can you imagine, what will happen next to your car?

4. Gas Lighters
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This is what happens most often. For smokers, the matches that are left behind must be a nuisance. Especially if left in the car.

The reason is that if a gas lighter is exposed too long to the heat, it can cause an explosion. It could then cause your car to burn.

5. Bottled mineral water
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Other trivial objects that are dangerous if left in the car is bottled mineral water. This object is most often left in the car. Plastic bottles filled with water and expose to the sun can deliver heat that can burn an object.