Do not Consume 4 Types of Drinks When Dehydrated!

Do not Consume 4 Types of Drinks When Dehydrated!

On a hot day, the water content in the body will decrease faster than normal. Your body fluids just disappear 1%, and you might feel tired like someone who just completed a workout session in the gym.

In such a situation, surely you want to immediately relieve thirst with fresh drinks. But do not drink the list below, ladies. Not all that in the form of water can help overcome dehydration!

Sports drink

Although this drink stores the electrolytes your body needs when exercising, be careful with the amount of sugar present in it. Sometimes, the various contents are not written on labels, such as chemicals or the amount of caffeine.

Coconut water

Like sports drinks, coconut water has electrolytes but lacks sodium thirst remover. Drinking to flatulence will not give a solution in replacing fluids.

Coffee, Tea, and Soda

True, all three count as daily fluid input. However, these three types of beverages contain caffeine that causes diuresis. This is what makes you always go to the toilet! As a result, important fluids quickly disappear from the body.


It is shaped like water, but it absorbs all the fluid from the body. It won't make you feel better, but instead, worsen dehydration. A glass of beer will not eliminate your thirst.

So, what is the solution when you need a thyroid reliever? Of course the white water. If you do not like the "tasteless" taste of water, you can squeeze a little lemon. It would be more delicious again if you can make infused water with your favorite fruit.

Well, talking about fruits, this natural product is very effective in killing thirst, you know. It can also be your dehydration solution.

"Fruits and vegetables have a balanced electrolyte and water content. Both of these are needed to hydrate the body, "says Kelly Pritchett, Ph.D., national media speaker for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. So, do not just complement the needs of protein and fiber alone. In a tropical country like Indonesia, fruit is easy to find, really!

Strawberries - 91% water
Cucumber - 96% water
Tomatoes - 94% water
Cabbage - 92% water
Citrus Bali - 91% water
Cantaloupe - 90% water
Cucumber Japan - 95% water

So, are you thirsty? Throw away the beer cans and have juice or water to drink from today, dear!