Cute Animals That Can Risk Your Life

Cute Animals That Can Risk Your Life

Sometimes when we see cute animals, we usually assume it won’t give us any harm but here are some animals that look cute but it turned out just as deadly as other dangerous animals such as tigers, lions, sharks, and crocodiles!

1. Panda


The nature of  panda is temperamental and easy to panic. If you disturb a panda’s territory they could easily get mad and run fast enough to catch you with its canine teeth and sharp claws.

2. Seals


Seals are very aggressive against other creatures who occupy their sea.Scientist says that the seals are more dangerous than sharks and faster than a crocodile. Seals are very agile and aggressive at sea and on land. Sharks will kill when hungry while seals kill when angry and seals are also able to run on the ground as fast as a bear.

3.Wild dolphin


We often see dolphins in pool circus but don’t ever try to interact with wild dolphins in the sea because they are very protective of their group and they are very intelligent. If they feel threatened, dolphins can break our ribs and hands.

4. Hippopotamus


Hippos are animals who appear to be ignorant and dangerous.They can swallow people alive and can run almost equal to the speed of the leopard.

5. Ostrich


Ostrich seems to look like a big bird but they also have the instinct to kill. They Have an aggressive nature and easily feel threatened and can run after human at a speed of 70-90 km /h.Ostrich can scratch and peck just like a chicken with a lot of strength.

6. Poisonous frog


Although this frog comes with beautiful colors but it can be very poisonous. According to scientists, the most dangerous poisonous frog is a frog-colored gold.A drop of saliva or a touch on the inside of the skin can kill 10 humans.

7. Blowfish


Blow fish or puffer Fish is a unique fish but very dangerous.When under stress or fear, they will make itself like a bubble and shows its thorns which are poisonous. If you slightly get stuck by its thorn you can be paralyze and 90% chance would die that day because until now there is no antidote.