Tips to Be Comfortable Wearing Shoes

Tips to Be Comfortable Wearing Shoes

Summer is coming! This means, the summer footwear you can use are flip flops, sandals, up to strappy heels. Not all footwear is comfortable to wear, sometimes it depends on the condition of your feet.

Before the sad situation occurs, see how to solve the problem of everyday shoes that would be useful. Oh yes, do not forget to bookmark this article if at times want to outsmart the misfortune that befell your shoes!

1. When wearing closed shoes to work.

often your legs feel hot and sweaty which causes odor. In order for your shoes not to be stinky the next day, input the shoes into the dry bag and store them in the freezer (yes, freezer!). This method effectively kills bacteria such as fungal infections, says Heidi Meckler MSc, HCPC registered Podiatrist for Strive Footwear.

2. Choose wedges rather than stilettos if possible, because it doesn't burden your legs.

If you must wear high heels, spray deodorant or apply petroleum jelly and lotion in the heel area so as not to make your feet ends calluses or hardening of the skin on the feet.

3. Learn how to walk in high heels.

You can walk fast with the exorbitant heels. One of the main reasons shoes heels feel pain in the sole of the foot is because you tend to rest on the joints in the area of the toes. Try changing the way you walk by standing up straight and concentrating the weight of the body on the heel to reduce the burden on the soles of your feet.

4. If your feet are scuffed.

the plaster is not only useful for the wound, it can also be used to protect the ankle from the friction of the shoe that causes blisters.

Choose sandals with thicker pads than flip-flops. Flip-flops have a negative impact on your feet, posture, and body. It's comfortable anyway, but to avoid long-term injury, better replace with a thicker pads. But if you really like your favorite flip flops, choose one that has a thick foam on the sole and with a thick rope to keep the heel in place.

Did you know that airspray can help your flip flop not slippery? It is not entirely "promising" not to slip quickly after a day of use, it can help to give effect to it for some time.

5. Use an old toothbrush to clean the base and corner area in the shoe.

Bacteria and sweat can accumulate in the bottom of the shoe and cause odor, you know. Mix water and alcohol then brush the dirty parts in the shoe with a toothbrush. Voila!

6. If your feet smell when sweating, wear socks.

It's ok to wear socks in order to stay your feet dry and you can look stylish!

7. Protect your espadrilles.

As beautiful as any of your favorite espadrilles, unfortunately canvas shoes and summer weather are hostile to each other. Water and damp feet can cause infections on the soles of the feet plus odor.

8. If your sandals are damp.

Sprinkle them with baby powder and let stand for a while until slowly dries.

9. If your stiletto skin is wrinkled and peeling

Try rubbing it with petroleum jelly or shoe polish twice a week. Then gag with socks to absorb oil from petroleum jelly.

10. Your shoes are new.

Use the patch soles to provide a better buffer on the legs.