Common Science Myths That Most People Believe

Common Science Myths That Most People Believe

Surely you believe that science is boundless. Starting from physics, chemistry, biology, and many other sciences become the pillars of life on earth. From when sitting in elementary school, of course, you have heard many theories about life on earth. Then, once stepped into junior high school, the sciences become more pursued and you are more detailed in learning them.

Apparently, there are so many knowledge and theory of knowledge that has been trusted and misguided. Let's see the theories of science that had been believed, but it was wrong.

1. The sun is yellow.

From the first day of school, you were taught that the sun is yellow, agree? In fact, the truth is, the sunlight is white. Why does it look yellow? That's because the earth's atmosphere that bends light through an effect called Rayleigh scattering. This phenomenon also makes the sky look blue and causes the sun to be yellow-reddish when drowned.

2. The largest desert in the world is the Sahara.

Do you believe the widest desert is the Sahara desert? You're wrong. The Desert is not always a dry place that is barren and hot. Uninhabited places can also be called deserts. And one of them is Antarctica. Antarctica has an area of 5.4 million square miles. While Sahara is only 3.6 million square miles.

3. Astrology can predict your future.

For those of you who believe in the zodiac are obliged to rethink. Why? Apparently, scientists in the world have repeatedly conducted a scientific proof of the zodiac that is considered to predict the future. And the result is astrology is nothing more than a fate drawing method.

4. The phone signal bounces off the satellite.

The phone you use every day is different from the satellite phone. The phone will emit wireless radio signals and search, ping, and relay data from and to nearby cell towers. So it's not bouncing off from the satellites.

5. The Great Wall of China is the only building that can be seen from space.

Have you heard that the Great Wall of China is the only building visible from space? You are wrong, the Great Wall of China is not the only building visible from space. It depends on which space you are looking at. From the International Space Station, for example, you can see walls and many other man-made buildings. Whereas from the moon, you can not see the building at all, just the dim light from the city lights.

6. Gravity of the moon causes tides of seawater.

The real tidal cause is the inertia of water from the Earth's rotation. When spinning at a speed of about 1040 mph, the earth "slams" water opposite to the moon. While on the other side of the earth, water recedes and flows to form pairs. So, the moon's gravity is not entirely correct can cause the tides of seawater.

7. The earth is perfectly round.

The earth rotates at a speed of 1040 mph. This speed causes the planet's poles to flatten and bulge around the equator. Due to global warming and melting glaciers, scientists predict that the bulge is now expanding so that the earth's shape is getting oval.

8. Everest is the highest mountain in the world.

If measured from sea level, Everest is indeed the highest mountain in the world. But if measured from base to peak, the world's highest mountain is actually Mauna Kea in Hawaii.

Everest has a height of 29,035 feet above sea level, while Mauna Kea only has a height of 13,796 feet above sea level. But Mauna Kea extends about 19,700 feet below the Pacific Ocean. So if totaled, Mauna Kea's height is about 33,500 feet or almost a mile higher than Everest. Wow!

9. Water conducts electricity.

Pure water or flute cannot deliver electricity. The water can deliver electricity is only because of the mineral content, dirt, and other things that will conduct electricity. So, not pure water it's content.

10. Diamonds come from coal.

Most diamonds are not formed from coal. Instead, diamonds are compressed and heated carbon 90 miles beneath the earth's surface. While coal is found about 2 miles below the earth's surface. Thus diamonds and coal are two different objects.