Checkout These Most Beautiful Boxers

Checkout These Most Beautiful Boxers

Boxing known as a sport for men since the sport has always relied on direct physical fights. But it does not apply to these women boxers, they are charming and beautiful boxers.

But be careful! They are able to punch you if you are trying to play these women. So check it out, we will give you 5 Most Beautiful Women Boxers in the World, of course they have some achievement which must not be underestimated.

Brandi Montoya


Professional boxing athletes from the United States who start her professional boxing career since 2011. From seven games recorded, Brandi has recorded 5 wins and 2 defeats. Not only in boxing, Brandi is also steeped in Kajukenbo sports and holds a black belt rank. Amazing!

Hollie Dunaway

With golden brown hair as her crown makes her more worthy to participate in the beauty arena. However, Hollie prefer boxing as a way of life. With experiences in the ring at a pro since 2003, this female boxer who also known as “Hot Stuff” is able to compete with other professional women boxing athletes.

Ina Menzer


Ina Menzer have a beautiful face with a variety of titles achieved by this German boxer. undoubtedly because she has a winning record of 31 times, and 1 time lose.
In total of 32 matches, 11 were won by KO. Her career began in 2004, and since then she has won numerous prestigious title of women’s boxing ring.

Lauryn Eagle


Lauryn play for the class of lightweight and super featherweight. She is a world-class professional female boxers. Uniquely, this Australian woman living as a boxer before her first foray into the world of modeling and won the Miss Teen International Australia in 2004. Her face is gorgeous, it makes Lauryn lined up to be one of the most beautiful female boxer in history.

Laila Ali


From the last name you must already know that this woman is the daughter of the legendary boxer, Muhammad Ali. Talents and interests derived directly to his daughter Laila Ali.
With a height of about 181 cm, Laila never lost altogether in a total of 24 games have ever attended from 1999 to 2007. Even 21 out of those 24 wins by Knocked Out!