Careers to Make Money Online and Live Anywhere

Careers to Make Money Online and Live Anywhere

It’s no doubt to say that a lot of people would really love to work from home or anywhere you like to be.No waking up early in the morning, no traffic, no drama at the office sounds like a dream come true.

But is it true that we can earn money from working in your pajamas or working while you on holiday? The answer is yes, there are proven ways that you can make money online. What you have to do is to get into the right industry and you will find a steady cash flow.

There are thousands and millions of people that are making money online using the careers that are mentioned below:

1. Teach a Foreign Language Online


This is a great online job for you who loves teaching and knows a foreign language. Even if you don’t have experience in teaching, there are programs that are willing to give you basic teaching instructions and you can teach in your native tongue to kids and adults across the countries. You can earn thousands of dollars and help someone to learn a language while you live anywhere in the world.

How to start: Rype, TEFL, or GoAbroad

2. Design a Website/App For Clients


If you like to design websites then this is a great job for you. Most design jobs can be done in a different locations from clients because of the communication tools we have today such as inVision. There are many clients out there that are waiting and willing to work with you by making websites and platforms.

How to start: 99designs, Fiverr, or Upwork

3. Rent Out Your Home


If you have an empty room in your house or apartment, you can rent it and make an extra income from it. Airbnb has a feature to host your room in your home for rent, you just need to make a payment then they will manage and host your place while you can be anywhere you like.

How to start: AirBnB

4. Write and Sell Ebooks


The selling of Ebooks today exceeds the sale volumes of physical books. This is an opportunity for authors in the world to sell their writings and sell them straight to fans online and audiences.

How to start: Amazon

5. Offer Your Software Developer Skills


Software developers are in high demand in the market place mainly in technology companies. Most developers don’t need to work at the same time and communicate with other developers online. So you can work with your clients and be anywhere you want.

How to start: Toptal or Freelancer

6. Teach Music Instruments Online


Teaching music is a great start if you love playing musical instruments and you can now earn money from your hobbies. It can be tricky sometimes but You can teach your favorite musical instrument online and live anywhere.

How to start:  Lesson Face

7. Become a Photographer and Sell Your Photos Online


You can do your hobbies and earn a lot of money from them. Photographers now can sell their photos straight online to customers or sell them on photography marketplaces.

How to start : 500px

8. Content Writer


One of the most popular ways for companies to grow is by content marketing.A content writer can work in the office or even anywhere in the world. If you like to write then this is a high-demand job for freelancing opportunities.

How to start: Freelancer, Crowdcontent

9. Affiliate Marketing (Sell Other People’s Products)


It is called Affiliate marketing when you can sell other people’s products and get a commission. The popular program you can enroll in is Amazon where you can earn 10% for each product and a program like Rype offers even more until 40%.

How to start: Amazon, Clickbank, or CJ

10. Virtual Assistant


If you think you are a good assistant or currently an assistant at the office, you now earn more by being a virtual assistant. There are a lot of marketplaces where you can offer your services online.

How to start: Zirtual, or Upwork