5 Bizzare Life hacks That Will Make People Wonder

5 Bizzare Life hacks That Will Make People Wonder

The goods that exist in life around us are created with a purpose, one of them to facilitate our activities every day. Usually, people will recognize an object because of its original function only, such as a knife to cut, needles for sewing, and others. When in fact one object can be used for other purposes, but sometimes people just don’t know.

1. A clever way for parents who like to complain about why their children grow too fast


When your child gets older and you wondering what to do with the crib then here is one useful example, a crib-shaped for a study table. If the child is older, it is obvious that the crib can’t be used but don’t worry because its function can be changed to a desk!

2. Do not be sad if your car does not have a special place to put drinks. You can try this method


Sometimes we get scared to spill our drinks especially those who use glass like this, and just remember that some of you might have cars where there is no special place to put drinks, fitting already in the car! While you have tape, you do not have to worry, because, in such a precarious moment, your tape will be very useful.

3. Instant speaker for your smartphone


This instant speaker can be a cool example if you have no speaker. If you have a carton of tissue rolls as shown in the picture, do not throw it away because you can turn your tissue rolls into a speaker as well as your phone holder. This life hack is very useful than buying expensive speakers right?

4. Use Tortilla or other chips to start a fire


If you claim to be a true adventurer, you should be prepared for any risks that may occur while on the ‘battlefield’. When you need fire but there is no firewood and you are eating tortilla chips, you can use your snack to light up a fire in the middle of the forest. Yes, You can apply these life hacks!

5.The emergency table behind the car


The original function is to assist the car in aerodynamics or create stability in the car while driving at high speed. But there is another function, when you are on the road and happen to want to take a break for a meal, this thing behind the car can be used as a table like an example above.


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