Unique Birthday Rituals Around The World

Unique Birthday Rituals Around The World

We have that one special day of our lives to celebrate our happy moment of our birthday with our loved ones which happens every year.We often set up surprises or prepare gifts to our beloved friends and family.Here are some of the unique birthday surprises that happens each year around the world:

1. Indonesia


In Indonesia, this kind of surprise ritual is performed by adolescents and young adults.Firstly, their friends pretend to not remember of his or her birthday or act just like a normal day and also sometimes make the birthday person sad first then they will throw eggs and flour just like making a cake.

2. Denmark


Children in Denmark are the happiest children on their birthday because they will receive gifts when they open their eyes first thing in the morning. The Parents will sneak into the child’s room while they sleep and put gifts around the bed.The Danish society also put flags in front of their house if there is someone that has a birthday.

3. German


If you see a man sweeping in the streets of the urban areas, it might be a single men who has a birthday.This is done to show how clean they are and  may attract their actions to the girls. So if there is a man in German who suddenly sweeps the streets and pelted with garbage can be ensured as singles. This unique ritual is created in order to help men who haven’t found their soulmate.

4. Nepal


In Nepal, anyone who has a birthday will be marked at their forehead which implies luck. The mark on the forehead smeared with yogurt rice processed with a many different of colors.

5. Scotland


A Birthday person in Scotland will be given a written sticky notes that says hope and prayers also a warm applause.

6. Mexico


The Pinata is one of the figures which can be a cartoon character, clown, or a man made of clay or paper decorated from Mexico which symbolize the happiness and joy. Children will smash the Pinata with a stick then the candies, toys or gifts will burst out from the Pinata. Pinata is not only famous in Mexico but also Panama.

7. Hungary


In Indonesia, tweaking ears is done as a form of punishment to the children but in Hungary it is a birthday tradition.Someone will tweak and whisper the birthday person a hope and prayer. The longer someone whispered a prayer, the more the ear will hurt because of the tweaking.

8. Ireland


A person who has a birthday will be hanged upside down in Ireland. Head under and legs are on top. The person hanging then will be bumped slowly to the ground so as to determine their fate.

9. Venezuela


After the procession of ‘make a wish’ and blowing candles people usually cut the cake and give it out to everyone but in Venezuela, friends who come celebrate suddenly dip the face of the birthday person into the cake, not only the face but the whole body will be covered with cake. So anyone in Venezuela needs to be ready to run away from being pelted with cake on their birthday.

10.North Korea


It is forbidden for anyone to celebrate their birthday on 17th of November because this date is the death of Kim-sung and Kim Jong-il. As many as 100,000 North Koreans are unfortunate on their birthday during this date because its strictly not allowed.