Best Reggae Musician of all Time

Best Reggae Musician of all Time

Reggae music is usually synonymous with a relaxed tempo and combines various musical instruments like electric guitars, bass, drums, keyboards, saxophone, trumpet, güiro, jimbe, and maracas. The most typical from musicians who chose reggae, flow is hair dreadlocks. Well, here are five musicians reggae assessed quality best of all time.

1. Bob Marley


Born Robert Nesta ‘Bob’ Marley. He is a descendant English-Jamaica. Bob recognized the role that has brought the music of Jamaica
and Geraskan Rastafari to the world. The song “No Woman No Cry ‘became The most popular song in Jamaica and the United States.

2. Peter Tosh


Peter Tosh was born on October 19, 1944, and is a native Jamaican musician together with Bob Marley. Before so famous singer, Peter studied free to Joe Higgs until finally formed the band ‘The Wailers’. In his career, Peter has made seven studio albums. His career ended
after he was killed in a robbery that occurred at his home.

3. Dennis Brown


Dennis Brown has recorded more than 75 albums since its emergence in the music world in the late 1960s. Dennis is the most beloved star to
rock music and reggae. His single entitled ‘Money In My Pocket ‘in 1977 was in the order of 14 of the UK charts.

4. Jimmy Cliff


Not Bob Marley, but Jimmy Cliff was the one figure of the first reggae musicians. The music spread throughout the world. The song, entitled ‘Wonderful World’ reached the 6th position in the UK and 25th in the USA Union. In 2003, a 64-year-old musician was awarded Order of Merit by the Jamaican government for his contribution in the field of music and film.

5. Sizzla Kalonji


Sizzla Kalonji is its complete name. He is the artist of the most commercial success and critical in terms of reggae music
contemporary. Sizzla began to develop his own style in his music with the Hi-Fi sound system Caveman. He has been using music as
means for his message, helping push his recording career in 1995 with the release through the label Zagalou. He then teamed up with Bobby
‘Digital’ Dixon’s Digital Bimprint to a series of singles. To date, Sizzla has made 65 albums.