Useful Things You Can Do With Coffee Grounds

Useful Things You Can Do With Coffee Grounds

Coffee is a favorite drink of many people around the globe. Many people think that it feels incomplete to start the day without a hot cup of coffee. Well, not only beneficial to the health of the body and reduce drowsiness, coffee also has properties for beauty, plant fertility, and cleaning / cleaning material.

1. Bath Soap

In addition to the fragrant aroma, coffee also has the benefit of deodorizing body odor/deodorizer. If you love the aroma of the coffee, you will definitely love the soap made of this coffee.

2. Scrub body & face

To make coffee scrub for your face and body, mix honey with coffee grounds and apply to your body parts. This scrub can smooth the skin and make it more radiant.

3. Hair mask

Apply coffee on the scalp of your hair before using shampoo and conditioner. Leave it for a while, then rinse thoroughly. Your hair will look healthy and shiny.

NB: Not recommended to apply in colored hair.

4. Eliminate odor

Put the dregs or coffee beans in a container, and place the container in the refrigerator or in another part of your house that smells unpleasant. You can also put some dregs or coffee beans in a plastic bin to reduce the pungent smell.

5. Polish wood furniture

Combine the coffee grounds with warm water, and rub the liquid over the stains or scratches on your furniture. This will help cover the scratches on the surface of wooden furniture.

6. Cleanse the cookware & kitchenware

Use coffee grounds to scrub cooking utensils such as frying pans and pans when really dirty. Use warm water to make the cleaning process easier.

7. Fertilize the soil

Add the coffee grounds to the ground in your pot as a fertilizer. You can also mix the dregs with warm water, put the liquid into a spray bottle, and spray on the plants at home.

8. Anti-pests

Spread the dregs of the coffee beans in a pest-prone area. Insects don't like strong and pungent scents.