10 Benefits of Eggplant for Health, Can Prevent Cancer And Good For Pregnant Women

10 Benefits of Eggplant for Health, Can Prevent Cancer And Good For Pregnant Women

Eggplant or eggplant is one of the vegetables in the form of fruit. The distinctive taste and texture make this vegetable much loved. Although not many are aware of it, it turns out that eggplant is also good for health, you know.

This plant with the Latin name Solanum melongena L. usually grows in the tropics, including Indonesia. Eggplant cultivation is quite popular among Indonesian farmers.

To note, based on data from the Central Statistics Agency, the number of eggplant production in Indonesia in 2020 reached 575,392.00 tons. This figure is known to be much higher than other vegetable commodities such as beans, cucumbers, chayote, and others.

Eggplant Content

The price is relatively affordable and its existence is easy to find, making this vegetable quite popular. But who would have thought that behind it, eggplant also contains many nutrients that the body needs.

Eggplant Benefits for Health

From the many nutritional contents contained in these vegetables, it is only natural that the benefits of eggplant are also very diverse.

1. Maintain heart health

The content of fiber, potassium, vitamin C, vitamin B6, and phytonutrients in eggplant is believed to help maintain heart health. In addition, these vegetables also contain flavonoids or water-soluble pigments that can overcome various heart disorders.

2. Lower cholesterol

A study says that eggplant can lower cholesterol. Eggplant contains chlorogenic acid compounds that can lower bad cholesterol. In addition, this vegetable also does not contain cholesterol so it is safe for consumption by people who need to balance their cholesterol levels.

3. Beneficial for the brain

Other benefits of eggplant are also believed to maintain brain health. The content of nasunin which is an antioxidant substance can maintain brain health. This is because nasunin can protect brain cell membranes from free radical attack.

Eggplant also contains anthocyanins which can trigger blood circulation to the brain and lighten the inflammation of the brain nerves. This is useful for preventing disease and impaired cognitive function due to aging.

4. Prevent cancer

Eggplant contains polyphenols, anthocyanins, chlorogenic acid which are useful for reducing the risk of cancer. These substances are known to prevent tumors and stop the spread of cancer in the body.

These active compounds can also remove toxins and kill cancer cells. Chlorogenic acid is known to have anti-mutagen properties so that this compound can fight damage to cancer-causing genes.

5. Makes skin soft and glowing

The next benefit of eggplant is that it can make the skin softer and more radiant. The high antioxidant content in eggplant is believed to moisturize and nourish the skin from within. Eggplant also contains antioxidants that act to ward off free radicals so that indirectly eggplant can keep the skin healthy.

Benefits of eggplant for pregnant women

Reduce the risk of birth defects

Eggplant contains nutrients that pregnant women need. Folic acid plays an important role in reducing the risk of babies being born with defects.

In addition to folic acid, eggplant also contains vitamin C, niacin, vitamin B complex, vitamin A, vitamin E, potassium, copper, manganese, and iron which can maintain the electrolyte balance of the body of pregnant women.

These minerals and vitamins can prevent pregnant women from becoming dehydrated. The content is also very good for the development of the baby.

Prevent diabetes

Diabetes is a very risky disease for pregnant women. To prevent this disease, pregnant women must control the sugar levels in their bodies. Adding eggplant to your daily menu is believed to help control blood sugar.

Overcome digestive disorders

Eggplant contains a variety of nutrients that can improve digestion. The high fiber content in eggplant can also help smooth bowel movements, thus preventing constipation.

Increase endurance

The benefit of eggplant for pregnant women is that it can increase endurance. Eggplant contains antioxidants that can fight free radicals and prevent cell damage during pregnancy.

The content of nasunin in eggplant can also prevent babies from experiencing cognitive disorders at birth. Consumption of eggplant during pregnancy is believed to increase endurance. So that pregnant women avoid various health problems.

Lower high blood pressure


In addition to diabetes, pregnant women are also prone to high blood pressure. Consumption of eggplant is believed to control blood pressure to keep it normal. Trusted flavonoid content can, maintain heart health, and prevent complications during pregnancy.