10 Benefits of Dates for Health

10 Benefits of Dates for Health

For information, you can tell the difference between fresh dates and dried dates by looking at the skin. If the skin of the date is wrinkled, it means that the date was dried for good packaging.

If the skin of the date is still smooth, it means it is a fresh date. Don't worry, they both still have the same benefits. Just adjust it to your taste. Some people like dried dates because they don't stick to their hands.

Here are the benefits of dates when we consume dates every day

1. Sufficient Nutrition and Calorie Needs

Because they are often dried, the calorie content in dates is high compared to other fruits. It is similar to raisins and figs.

Most of the calories in dates come from carbohydrates. And the rest comes from protein. Although high in calories, dates contain vitamins and minerals needed by the body.

2. Launch the Digestive System

The next benefit of dates is to facilitate digestion. With 7 grams of fiber in a 3.5-ounce (0.99 kg) serving, you can include dates in your daily diet. The fiber in dates can prevent constipation and make bowel movements more regular, especially in forming feces.

3. Prevent Chronic Disease

The benefit of eating dates every day is that it can avoid various chronic diseases, such as heart disease, cancer, diabetes, to Alzheimer's. This is all thanks to the high levels of antioxidants possessed by dates.

4. Helps Launch a Normal Childbirth Process

The benefits of dates on this one are definitely in great demand by pregnant women. If you eat dates every day for the last few weeks before delivery, it can help promote a normal delivery!

The resulting effect is that the cervix will dilate, so that induction does not need to be done again. In fact, by eating dates every day before giving birth, can also reduce labor time!

5. Stabilizes Blood Sugar and Healthier Sugar Substitutes

With a sweet taste, dates can be used as a substitute for white sugar. Another bonus, not only sweet, but dates are also rich in nutrients, fiber, and antioxidants!

Although it still needs more in-depth research, dates are also believed to improve bone health and help regulate blood sugar.

6. Become an Additional Menu in the Diet

Dates can be eaten directly or combined with other healthy foods, such as almonds, cheese, smoothies, oatmeal, and biscuit dough. But, because the calories are quite high, there is no need to add too much, yes!.

7. Replacing Lost Body Electrolytes

Not only coconut water, you know, which can help lost electrolytes but dates also can too! With high levels of potassium, which is one of the electrolyte elements needed by the body, dates are also useful for strengthening the body as well as building muscle in the body.

8. Protects the Body from Inflammation

To protect the body from various types of inflammation, we need an adequate intake of antioxidants, one of which is polyphenols. This fruit is richer in polyphenols than other fruits.

9. Increases Fertility

Not only can it launch a normal delivery, but the benefits of dates that will definitely be liked by married couples are also that it can increase fertility, both in women and men. That's all thanks to its amino acid and zinc content.

In the Middle East, date palm pollen is used as a medicine to treat infertility problems, especially in men. Date seeds and pollen also have compounds that work like male and female reproductive hormones.

10. Prevents Anemia

The last benefit of dates is that this prophet fruit can make you not easily tired and pale due to anemia. By eating dates every day, the iron content will increase the production of red blood cells.