3 Benefits of Banana Peel, Don't throw it away

3 Benefits of Banana Peel, Don't throw it away

Bananas, who doesn't know this fruit? If there is still someone who doesn't know, then get to know him first. This yellow fruit which is commonly called banana has many benefits. This banana comes from the Musaceae tribe. This fruit is very much sold in markets or supermarkets with different types and prices. Not all bananas are yellow, some are green, black, and even red. However, the yellow color is identical to bananas that are ripe or ready to harvest. Bananas are very familiar among fruit lovers because bananas are not categorized as expensive fruits, but the benefits in bananas are no less great than fruits that are categorized as expensive fruits. It turns out that not only the flesh of the fruit has many benefits, banana peels also have benefits that are no less important for our bodies.

Treating acne and wrinkled skin

You must be annoyed sometimes when you get pimples on your face, especially women. So from now on, try sticking the inside of the banana peel onto your acne-prone face. Is it possible? It's really possible because banana peels contain vitamins and minerals that function as a remedy for inflamed skin and can even function to tighten facial skin. How to use it is easy, you just rub the inside of a banana peel into your face at night before going to bed and feel the difference when you wake up in the morning. It's great for saving on skincare expenses.

Treating Mild Headaches

Who would have thought that banana peels could treat the headaches you feel. For those of you who like to be dizzy in the middle of the night and find it difficult to find medicine, this one method is really effective for getting rid of your headaches. The way is before you put the banana peel in the refrigerator to cool it after it cools you can put the banana peel on your forehead with the inside position of the banana peel touching your forehead. This banana peel is able to relieve headaches, I can finally sleep well. This method is done as a substitute for compresses, but if you are still dizzy, it is also better to consult a doctor because you are afraid that you have a disease that may need to be treated immediately. Keep in mind that this method is effective only for mild headaches.

As plant fertilizer

For those of you who really like plants, this is perfect for you. Banana peels can also be used as fertilizer for all kinds of plants. Not bad for a fertilizer replacement if your fertilizer has run out. Mother, I also often use this banana peel to fertilize my plants. The way my mother usually does it, usually first cuts the banana peel into small pieces, after cutting it, just puts it on the ground where the plants are.


The point is that bananas have many benefits, from the flesh to the skin.