Amazing Crater Lakes Around The World

Amazing Crater Lakes Around The World

Crater lakes are formed from a volcanic crater or caldera. The formation looks like a lake in the middle of a volcano. It can be caused by meteorites or even by explosions by humans. Let’s see the most beautiful lakes caused by a volcano all around the world.

1. Kelimutu Crater Lakes, Indonesia


The Kelimutu Crater Lakes in the town of Moni, central Flores Island of Indonesia contains three different colors. The water of the Tiwu Nuwa Muri Koo Fai is usually green. The Tiwu Ata Mbupu is usually blue in color. The Tiwu Ata Mbupu is usually blue in color.

2. Crater Lakes in Albertine Rift, Africa


The Albertine Rift in South Africa is edged with the highest mountains such as Mitumba Mountains,Ruwenzor range, and Virunga Mountains. There are also other crater lakes in here like the Rift Valley lakes, Lake Tanganyika which is all formed from a volcanic explosion, and a great rift. These many beautiful crater lakes surely attract tourists all around the world.

3. Kerið Crater Lake, Iceland


The Kerið Crater Lake is situated in south Iceland. It is one of the many lakes in the Western Volcanic Zone of Iceland. Its caldera is made of mostly red volcanic rock. The water is opaque and vividly aquamarine due to the minerals from the soil.

4. Lonar Crater Lake, India


the Lonar Crater is located in Maharashtra, India. It was formed by a meteor impact during the Pleistocene Epoch and is around 57,000 years. This lake is a saline soda lake and the oldest crater lake in the world.

5. Deriba Crater Lake, Sudan


The Deriba Crater is located in Drafur, west of Sudan. The lake is formed in a caldera and lies in a dormant state. It was formed from an explosive eruption of the Jebel Marra Volcano around 3500 years ago. With an elevation of 3042 m, which is the highest point of Jebel Marra.

6. Mount Katmai Crater Lake – Alaska, USA


Mount Katmai, situated between the Katmai National Park and Preserve in Alaska, USA. It was formed during the Novarupta eruption in 1912. It is a stratovolcano that has a central lake-filled caldera and has small glaciers formed on a bench in the caldera.

7. Okama Crater Lake, Japan


Okama crater lake is situated in Goshiki-dake, in the center volcano among the group of stratovolcanoes of mount Zaō in Honshu, Japan. It was formed by a volcanic eruption in 1720 and it is also known as the Five Color Pond because the water changes depending on the weather.

8. Lake Taupo,  New Zealand


Lake Taupo is located on the North Island of New Zealand and is the largest lake in New Zealand. It is drained by the Waikato River, which is the longest river in New Zealand. It was formed by a super-volcanic eruption around 26500 years ago. This beautiful lake is also known for the rainbow and brown trout.

9. Heaven Lake, North Korea


Heaven Lake is located on the border between China and North Korea. It is on top of volcanic Baekdu Mountain and lies partially in each country. It was formed as a result of a major eruption in 969 AD. It is covered with ice during the winter months.

10. Quilotoa Crater Lake, Ecuador


The Quilotoa Crater Lake is situated in the Ecuadorian Andes. Around 800 years ago, the mountain range in Ecuador collapsed after a catastrophic eruption, since then Quilotoa Crater Lake was formed. The color of the water is green because of the minerals.