Awesome CV Design That You'll Want To Steal

Awesome CV Design That You'll Want To Steal

The goal of making a resume or CV is that if the CV already looks attractive, then the human resource officer will be interested to read it. Well, interesting CV is not just any unique, but also should be effective. Curious on how to assemble a CV that is not only creative but also effective? Let’s have a look!

1. sewn fabric graphic design resume

Image source : companyfolders

For those of you who have passion in sewing and applying to be an assistant to designer, this could be a creative way to make your passion look more real right?

2. Google search

Image source : idseducation

Who have tried to search their own name on google? Most of you must have and the result is not like the example of this CV right? Yes, this is modified as well. Interesting? Pretentious.

3. Resume that looks like a milk carton

Image source : psfk

This product-shaped CV can be the best practice for a graphic designer. All information about you can be placed in the packaging box of the product, as if it were the text of a product. Creative really right?

4. CV on a pack of coffee

Image source : boredpanda

When you see this, what’s in your mind? One would think how creative the creator is. Through this model CV, you are not only considered qualified and skilled. It also show that you have an artistic side too.

6. Vintage CV

Image source : pinterest

Vintage shades are becoming increasingly popular. You can also add any vintage smell like the form of a suitcase from the outside.

7. CV 3D

Image source : rhcppink89

Do you feel that writing a CV on a sheet of paper is boring? That means you have to start by creating 3D CV and choose the shape you really like. Why should it look normal if you can look fabulous?

8. Newspaper CV

Image source : pinterest

If you imitate the newspaper model,you must balance between the manuscript and the picture,made as balanced and proportional as possible.You can make it in black and white or colorful.

9.Invitation CV

Image source : goodco

This invitation CV sure looks interesting for people who read it.The important thing is the human resource officer is interested . Stay smart to choose what info should be included.

10.Scrapbook CV

Image source : pinterest

Scrapbook trends, seems not yet over also until now. Someone would be happy if given this gift, its contents are usually identical with the memories.This way of writing CV will make the human resource officer surely be interested to employ you!