Avoid Wearing These When You Go On a Plane

Avoid Wearing These When You Go On a Plane

Already have plans for a vacation, guys? Do not just pay attention to your vacation outfit, because it is also important to plan comfortable clothes that will you wear when going to the airport later.

Whether the flight is short or long, there is a list of clothing that you should avoid when traveling on a plane. Follow Mindblowings advice below and you will travel with no hassle. Here are the clothes that should be avoided when going to the airport and boarding a plane!

Metal belts

All you have to remember when going to the airport is, you have to go through the door of an airport security check or security screening. Of course, you have to remove all the metal material in your body. So, avoid wearing a belt with a metal material.

We recommend that you use a pair of trousers or skirts made of rubber that will stay at your waist without the help of a belt. Jogger pants or track pants are stylish, for example.

Excessive jewelry

Same with the previous reasons, wearing excessive jewelry will make it difficult for you to release it through security screening. Not to mention can attract extra attention and can be a target of crime. Instead, keep all the accessories you want to wear in a small purse and put them safely in your bag. Then, wear them when you have arrived at the destination!

Hoodie or sweater

Layers of clothing are also required to be removed when entered in an X-ray machine, this is to detect the presence or absence of illicit goods in your clothing. Often the security check queue at the airport is long enough, so it's better to wear a removable layer of clothing. Avoid hoodie or pullover sweater without zipper. Choose a cardigan or jacket open with a zipper.

High heels and hard to remove

This is the most important, ladies. Wear comfortable shoes and not difficult to remove. Shoes that have metal material will be asked to be removed when entered in the screening, of course wearing high-heeled or gladiator shoes will be difficult to remove and others behind you so wait.

In addition, wearing high heels will make it difficult for you when an emergency occurs. Well, you never know what will happen. Better to guard against unwanted circumstances, such as aircraft evacuations or earthquakes. Wearing high heels will put you in danger when it happens. Just wear sneakers, flats, or slip-on!

Skinny jeans

Wearing skinny jeans does look stylish. However, wearing it on a long journey in a sitting position can continuously clog your blood vessels, you know. This causes easy tingling and not good for health.

Big bag without zipper

Big no no! The airport is a very crowded place, and wearing a large zippered bag can increase your chances of being a target pickpocket or crime. Not to mention the contents can fall and scattered when entered in the inspection and in the cabin aircraft. Wear a bag that is safe, comfortable, and not burdensome.