A Woman Is Creating An Island Resort Only For women; No men Is Allowed

A Woman Is Creating An Island Resort Only For women; No men Is Allowed

Enjoying a holiday is most exciting with friends, family, or spouse. Especially when enjoying the beach atmosphere on an island with the waves and the beauty of the spectacular sunset.

However, when visiting this island, don't expect to bring your boyfriend or husband because this island is only for women to have a vacation. The special island only for women is expected to make women to be more self-care with various facilities available. Among them are fitness facilities, nutrition, creativity maintenance and more.

Supershe founder, Kristina Roth also hopes for the women who come there can refresh the mind from density of work. "And this is where women can calm the soul without any interference from the men and also can enjoy the enchanting natural charm like in heaven," she concluded.

Here are 5 unique facts from Supershe Island that is only visited by women.

1. Located in Finland, this island belongs to a business woman from the United States named Kristina Roth.

2. The idea of buying an island for women is because she feels when women go on a vacation with men, men tends to be in power.

3. According to Kristina, women need to spend time with other women.

4. Standing on an area of 8.4 hectares, the island has a luxurious resort.

5. Women also receive training courses in cooking and fitness exercises such as daily yoga and meditation classes.