95% Of Plastic In Oceans Comes From These Ten Rivers

95% Of Plastic In Oceans Comes From These Ten Rivers

Environmental researchers have recently revealed surprising research results about pollution in the oceans. A study published in the journal Environmental Science and Technology, says there are only 10 rivers in the world that deserve to be blamed for the occurrence of pollution of plastic waste in the oceans.

Scientists from two institutions in Germany, the Helmholtz Environmental Research Center and the Weihenstephan-Triesdorf University of Applied Sciences, explained that from the 10 rivers each year, nearly four million tons of plastic waste into the sea or about 88% -95% of the total waste plastic in the ocean.

Research also reveals that one-fifth of plastic waste in the ocean comes from fishing vessels, ships, drilling platforms, and so on. While about four-fifths come from the mainland that flows through the river.

1. Yangtze River

The 6.300 km river is the longest river in Asia and the third in the world. The headwaters are in the Qinghai region and empties into the East China Sea in Shanghai.

2. Xi River

Xi River is the third largest stream of Zhu Jiang river in China.

3. Huanpu River

Huanpu River 113 km long is known as the largest river in China, it divides a city into two areas namely Pudong in the east and Puxi in the west.

4. Ganges River

This river is a sacred river for people of Hindu variety and worshiped as the Goddess of Ganges in India. This river stream comes from a melting glacier in the Himalayas and empties into the Bay of Bengal.

5. The Cross River

Another name for this river is the Oyono river. It is located on the border of Cameroon and Nigeria. River flowing as far as 80 km has an estuary of 24 km in the Atlantic Ocean.

6. Brantas River.

This river water comes from Mount Arjuno in Malang and flows across Blitar, Tulungagung, Kediri, Jombang, Mojokerjo, and empties into Sidoarjo, East Java.

7. Bengawan Solo River

This river is located in Gajah Mungkur Wonogiri Reservoir, Central Java which until Gresik, East Java, Indonesia.

8. The Amazon River

This river is known as the habitat for various deadly animals. The river crosses several countries in South America, with estuaries in the Atlantic Ocean. The Amazon river flow is enormous, reaching even a fifth of the total amount of freshwater entering the ocean around the world.

9. Pasig River

This river flow splits Manila, Philippines. The headwaters are on the lake of Laguna de Bay and empty into Manila Bay.

10. Irrawaddy River

Irrawaddy River or Ayeyarwady River is an important river in Myanmar because it is a trade route. This 2,170 km river extends into the Andaman Sea.