9 Tips For Staying Safe On a Cruise Ship

9 Tips For Staying Safe On a Cruise Ship

Are you going to aboard a ship? Prepare yourself to have a wonderful time in the middle of the sea!

Prepare your luggage, especially the items you will use during the journey across the ocean.

Before you decide to board a ship, the thing you need to know is the length of the trip. The length of the journey that you will travel to you can be a benchmark to measure your luggage. You can separate some of your luggage that you will use during the trip and on the ship.

Know your body condition, make sure you are really healthy during the trip.

Before you board the ship. It's alright to see a doctor make sure you are really healthy. You will not know about your body conditions in the ocean that you will travel during the trip.

Bring medicine for an emergency.

Medicines are very necessary to carry when you are on the go. Your journey will be distracted for sure if you have no first aid kit when something is wrong with your body. Provide medications such as paracetamol, diarrhea drugs, hangovers, and dizziness.

The big waves will certainly affect the condition of your body. So when there is a change in your body condition, surely you are ready to heal yourself with a first aid kit.

Take care of your things well, because the loss of goods is not borne by the ship.

In general, we must take care of the things we carry. To be safer, you have to be extra careful to watch every item you carry.

Bring stock of food to eat.

You should know that food onboard can cost three times as much as the price of food on land. So, it's good you bring your own fast food and durable. For example, you can bring boiled eggs or noodles.

Protect your items with plastic to avoid exposure to seawater.

It's good if you protect your stuff with plastic. Especially your valuables because of ships prone to seawater. You will not know when something is leaking and about your stuff.

Bring a power bank to keep your phone on all the time.

Smartphones are important items that should always be on. Especially when you're on the go. Although the signal does not support it, this one must stay on. Lots of things to do with the phone. Just like listening to music or playing games. For that provide a power bank to backup your smartphone power.

Bring a board or card game to fill your spare time during the trip.

A long time to travel makes you feel bored. You need to bring games to fill your spare time. If you ride ship together with your friends then you need to bring games like UNO card, for example. It can at least overcome boredom during the trip.

The landscape outside the dock has a beautiful view you know! This can be an exciting experience.

If you are familiar with the scenery when using the mode of land transportation such as trains or air transportation mode. So once in a while, you have to feel the scenery when using the ship's transportation mode. You can enjoy sunset and sunrise directly in the open sea.