9 Things In Your Home That Can Damage Your Lung

9 Things In Your Home That Can Damage Your Lung

Air pollution does not only happen on the highway full of vehicles or when it is next to the smoker, but also you can encounter in the house. Household items such as tap water, printer ink and beauty products can pollute the air inside your home.

Exposure to pollutants in the house once or twice may not be too dangerous. But considering it is so close to you and can you see everyday, it is good to limit exposure to pollutants.

Note 9 things that can cause air pollution inside the home the following to protect the health of your lungs, among others:

1. Water taps


Filtered tap water does not contain chlorine levels are high and you can absorb 100 times more chlorine when bathing for 10 minutes instead of drinking a gallon of water the same. Chlorine can poison the air and gas throughout the home that cause air pollution.

2. The cellar in the house

When you save a can of paint or other chemicals in the basement, though not in a state of leaking and still sealed neat though, will pollute the air stuffy room with a gas known as radon. This gas is very dangerous and increases the risk of cancer.

When you open the cellar, the air will flow out of the room and contaminate the air inside the house.

3. Furniture

Paint on the furniture could be a dangerous contaminant that can pollute the air. Chemicals in paint or glue used in plywood products can pollute indoor air.

4. Beauty Products


Beauty products such as hair spray, cologne, perfume, and so is sprayed into the body can pollute the air by particles of chemicals in the product.

5. Carpets


The new carpet will usually emit a pungent odor like the smell of paint that is the smell of the carpet dye chemicals. It can also degrade the quality of indoor air. When it has been used, the carpet can become a trap for dust and fluff fibers that can trigger asthma and allergies.

6. The printer ink


Do you ever feel dizzy after scoring a bunch of photos from your home computer? This is because the ink cartridges often emit odor ink fluids and other contaminants that are known to glymes into the air which can pollute the air inside the house.

7. Aromatherapy Candles


Lit candles aromatherapy is good for the health of the mind because it has a calming effect. But today many outstanding aromatherapy candles containing benzene, toluene, and other hydrocarbons that can cause cancer, respiratory problems and irritation of chemicals called alkanes and alkenes.

8. Laundry room


Laundry room or space for drying clothes inside the house has been known to increase humidity and cause mold growth. This fungus that can contaminate indoor air and increase the risk of asthma and allergies.

9. Household cleaners

Household cleaners

Household cleaners are usually made from a mixture of chemicals such as ammonia and bleach are harmful to the lungs and can disrupt hormones.