9 Promising Careers for You Who like Travelling

9 Promising Careers for You Who like Travelling

Getting a job that suit your interests would be everyone’s dream. How come? you become more comfortable working because you get paid doing your hobby and your days will be fun with minimal burden.Now lets see some promising career for you who like to travel. Let’s have a look!

1. Flight attendants and pilots

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It’s a common knowledge that jobs such as flight attendants and pilots are an option for people who like to travel. You will fly and travel to take passengers from one city to another, even between countries. The considerable salary is a plus for these two jobs. You will also often meet new people who make you learn to know the human character with different cultures and traditions.


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For those of you who like to write and concern about the events that occur in remote parts of the country and in the world, journalists are the right choice. Especially if you are happy to meet many people and have a pretty high curiosity about a lot of things.

You can be assigned to various places, whether in or outside the country. From covering major international events, meeting world officials, to being assigned to cover conflict areas. Your experience is precious and can not be judged by matter.

**3.Diplomat **

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If you have an interest in relationships between countries, a career as a diplomat can be considered. You will often travel to various countries in carrying out duties to establish cooperation with other countries. In addition, you take care of the problems of the country according to the location you are placed.


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Being a photographer may sound a trivial job. In fact, not just anyone can take pictures and produce a perfect photo. Your work will be paid high and traveling as well as your work will be covered, you know. You will be happy to live it.


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Working as an auditor keeps you busy dealing with financial matters within a company. But, the fatigue is paid off with you who will often visit several different places. You could say you will regularly visit clients to prepare and check the financial records. Then, you will make sure the client has paid the tax on time or not. Although not as often as flight attendants, pilots and photographers, at least your work is a chance to walk, ie when visiting clients.

6.Global event organizer

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You are certainly no stranger to the global event organizer work, especially if you are a young man who since school is happy to take part in the event organizer. Well, the difference is, global event organizer more focused to manage the implementation of international events. For example, a famous group band concert tour held in several different countries. You will spend time working to meet many people who are invited to work together to find a place to be a venue in various parts of the world.


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It is important to add knowledge and experience in interacting with many people from different parts of the world. After all, working in a multinational company makes you have a great opportunity to be sent to branch offices or headquarters located in other countries. Likewise with your career as an international businessman who will travel a lot overseas. Meeting clients and business associates from several countries would be fun.

8. Freelance designer

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Not much different from the auditor, being a freelance designer requires that you regularly meet with clients anywhere. Especially if you have a good portfolio, then do not be surprised if later your clients come from different countries. The project you are working on is also paid at a fairly high price.

9. Management consultant

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A career as a management consultant makes you travel quite a lot. You will go to an organization or company in any city or country that needs your services to solve problems related to the management of the company. You are also required to maximize office growth and improve the performance of the company’s business as a whole. But the busyness paid off with the frequent travels – rarely feel bored or bored.

The above jobs are not all representative of your career that is a hobby of travelling, there are many more job opportunities that await you out there. Especially if you can already be called an ‘expert’ or ‘competent person’ in the field, then your income will follow by itself. So how, interested in travelling and get some cash?