9 Signs You're Highly Intelligent Even If You Don't Think you Are

9 Signs You're Highly Intelligent Even If You Don't Think you Are

There are many things that will affect a person's thinking ability, where these things may not have been realized all along. Basically, smart or not smart person is not always synonymous with academic ability alone, because a number of other factors can also be used as a measure in this case.

So, do you belong to one of those smart people?

If you have not realized or even never even thought about how smart you are, then try to recognize the various traits of intelligent people within you. This will not be difficult to do, because some of these traits can even be recognized easily by anyone. Consider the following 9 characteristics of smart people, perhaps some of them are inside you:

1. You have high interest to ask about things.

There are so many people who have enough interest to ask, even this has generally been seen since they were children. So many questions are often asked, ranging from simple to complicated. It does not matter if this only happens occasionally, but in general, these questions will come out anytime and anywhere.

Exasperated and lethargic, maybe this is what will be felt by people around you when they are confronted with some of your often confusing questions. But make no mistake, a very high interest to ask this is one of the traits that signify a great curiosity attitude, and this is usually shown by smart people.

2. You can accept and recognize your own mistakes.

The smart ones are not always stubborn and want to win themselves. But smart people also have a high sense of responsibility, even for their own mistakes.

They will think and try to realize what has happened and experienced before finally accepting and acknowledging their mistakes. This is a form of accountability that no one will have.

3. You have good taste in art.

Not always smart people wrestle with mathematics and logic alone, because basically smart people also have a good ability in the field of art. They are able to portray their imaginations in various forms of art, including music and other creativity that require special understanding.

This is a complex form of thinking because not everyone can feel and enjoy the art itself, even participate in the actors in it.

4. You have balanced emotional intelligence.

To complement the ability to think well, a person must have a balanced emotional intelligence. Not excessive and not too less. This will help the person to be easier in managing and controlling the emotions contained within him so that all the abilities contained within him can be channeled properly and appropriately.

5. You always finish what you're doing.

Distracted by the things that prop in the mind, want to make something that never finished, or even can not close because just not finished a job? Things like this are often the reason people are smart to stay up even if they can actually do it the next day.

Generally, smart people fall into the category of perfectionists, where they want things to be done perfectly, half-hearted and halfway.

6. You dare to fail and rise back.

The ones who dare to fail may be many, but how many people are able to immediately rise up and improve themselves from their failures? This is what smart people do, where they dare to take risks, including failure.

If at any time they fail, they will quickly learn and get up in a better way than before. That fails a lot, but the ones who can learn from the failures are the smart ones, right?

7. You are difficult to believe and always suspicious of various things.

This one may be a little annoying, even if this happens on the little things around you. Smart people are not easily convinced, because they generally have a considerable degree of suspicion on the things they hear, let alone the less convincing ones.

They also always want to see things by using their logic, so it will not be easy to get them to believe in things that are not supported by strong and clear facts.

8. You feel alienated and less comfortable.

Despite being among the communities that are always there with them, but smart people can feel alienated and uncomfortable when joining. This can even be felt often, where they find no interest to chat that doesn't fit and is commensurate with them.

9. You think before acting.

Although smart, it doesn't mean making decisions easily and in a hurry. Smart people will always think of every action they will take before they finally act and do what they deem necessary. Some people often see this as a weakness, because this attitude is regarded as a form of inability to take an "express" decision on the various things that are facing.

You may not notice that you might be intelligent because it's always often associated with academic ability. This is certainly not always true, because someone can be smart and have great skills in other fields. Try to recognize the characteristics of smart people within you, because you may never realize how smart you are.