8 Tips to Make Cut Flowers Last Longer

8 Tips to Make Cut Flowers Last Longer

Having an ornamental plant at home is of course good for health. Other than giving the impression of green and healthy, the existence of ornamental flowers can help reduce the bad smell in the room.

These ornamental flowers often have a short period of life. Therefore it is important to know the tips that can extend the life of ornamental flowers. Here are the tricks proved to make ornamental flowers live longer.

1. Use a wide and clean container.

Always use a clean container. This trick will reduce the risk of bacteria and other microorganisms infecting the flowers. To make sure the flower stem is not pinched too tightly, choose a vase with a wide neck.

2. Pour warm water.

Use water with a temperature of about 43-44 degrees Celsius. Pour water into a flower vase, and place it in a cool place for an hour or two. Warm water molecules move faster through the stem, while the flowers lose less moisture due to the cool air. This method is called "hardening", it helps to extend the life of newly cut flowers.

3. If the flower is too pretty and worries you.

If you do not use the hardening method, simply place a cup of warm water and place it next to the vase. Do not forget the overflow from the cup you point to the flower.

4. Clean the leaves that are underwater.

To make the flowers fresh and last longer, remove the leaves that fall below the water. The sunken leaves can begin to rot very quickly, thus feeding bacteria that can infect and damage other parts of the plant.

5. Change the water every day.

To keep the flowers fresh, change the water every day. And do not forget to remove all the dirt from the container before adding new water. This will reduce the risk of infection. You can also add some aspirin tablets into a vase filled with water to help keep the water clean and free of bacteria that damage the flowers do not enter the puddle.

6. Immediately dispose of dead flowers.

Flowers that have bloomed and died or faded from the vase every day should be disposed of. Otherwise, ethylene, the gas released will damage other flowers.

7. Cut with an oblique angle.

Do not forget to cut the tip of the stem regularly. Use a sharp knife, and trim the trunk with a 45º angle. This simple procedure will improve the ability to absorb water.

With more sensitive flowers such as roses, you should cut the trunk while underwater, do not remove it from vases and puddles. Roses are particularly susceptible to air bubbles and bacteria that inhibit water absorption so that they can make the flowers fade faster.