8 Signs You Might Be Depressed

8 Signs You Might Be Depressed

If you talk about health, usually what comes to the mind is the health of the body. In fact, the mental and mental condition is also part of health. If the mental condition is disturbed, the condition of the body will usually be disturbed.

It is important to recognize the symptoms of this mental disorder to prevent the condition from getting worse. If you always feel tired, maybe you have symptoms of health problems. Let's check out below the symptoms that you might be depressed.

1. Sleeping Disorders.

Sleep disorder is a basic symptom of a person's mental health deterioration. Difficulty in sleeping or repeatedly waking up in the early hours may be a sign of depression. Even feeling no need to sleep at all can indicate the symptoms of bipolar hypomania.

2. Dietary Changes.

Mental health problems can affect appetite. Drastic changes in appetite (too little to eat or most to eat) can be one of the symptoms of mental disorders. Especially if the diet changes are accompanied by other symptoms, it can be concluded that your mental health is in problem.

3. Do not Have the Spirit of Everyday Activities

Often feel lost the spirit for daily activities? No longer like the things that used to be done often? It could also be a sign that your mental health is in trouble.

4. Changes to Libido

Sudden changes in libido or passion may also be a sign of mental health. So if your libido suddenly decreases or even increases more than usual, be aware because you might have mental health.

5. Difficulty Relieving Stress Every Day

If every day you get more difficult to relieve or manage the stress, it could be from your mental health, consult a doctor if it gets worse.

6. The Harder to Define the Options

Frequent dilemmas and difficult choices can also be one of the early symptoms of mental disorders. Especially if accompanied by the more difficult to concentrate, the more likely you are experiencing mental disorders.

7 More Easily Offended

No longer PMS but why so often irritable? This could be a symptom of a mental disorder. Try to monitor your mood and emotions every day. If the condition lasts long enough, immediately seek help to get proper handling.

8. Withdraw from the Social Circle

One of the symptoms of depression is to think of yourself as a burden. So you decided to withdraw from the social circle.

If you experience any of the above symptoms and last a long time, it's a good idea to go to a doctor right away. Whatever the state of mental health is as important as the health of the body.