8 Recycling That Will Make Used Goods Have Benefits in Everyday Life

8 Recycling That Will Make Used Goods Have Benefits in Everyday Life

Recycling stuff around you becomes more useful with your own hands will probably be fun. Especially if the goods you make are a thing that you really need and use in everyday life. Besides you become creative, definitely, your daily life will be more practical, old goods that you can easily find in everyday life will be something more useful than just rubbish. Here are 8 ideas to recycle your stuff to make it look more useful and interesting. Let’s check it out!

If you have a can of snack, do not immediately throw it away, because it can be useful to place your powder or spice


If you do not have any goods to keep spice or powder that you can use to sprinkle it on your food, then you can make it yourself. Just with a can of snack, a nail, and a hammer can be instantly created. The trick is so easy; you just give the hole on the bottom of the can. Make holes with the nails and hammers you have prepared. Make holes as necessary, so that the powder will be completely sprinkled.

2. In fact, used bottles can also turn into useful glasses!


The bottle that you have used cannot just be trash, but you can turn it out into a glass. The trick is not really difficult anyway. First, you just need to make the pattern according to the picture above, and then cut the bottle following the pattern. And, the remaining part of the bottle can be used to make the handle. All you need to do is using glue to stick the handle to the glass. You can make this simple but useful glass in a short time.

3.Decorate your home with this cute recycle result


Your soda bottle can be used in a way to decorate your living or dining room in your home. Here are the ways to create a cutie cat planter.

First, prepare a clean soda bottle, acrylic paint, brush, marker pens, and scissors.
Second, cut the bottle and make cute ears shape using scissors.
Then, brush the bottle using white color acrylic paint. Wait until the paint is dry and draw the ears shape and nose with a red marker pen, draw eyes, mouth, and whiskers with a black marker pen.

The final step, you can add soil as necessary into the planter and put plant which is suitable to be placed inside the house, such as cactus flowers, peace lily (spathiphyllum), aloe vera, mint, and so on.

4. Old basketball can be a container for plants at your home


If you have an old basketball that you never use anymore, this ball will not only be used for your home or garden decoration. But it can also contribute positively as a container of plants that become oxygen-producing stuff. You can choose the type of plant that is useful to be processed into dishes such as basil, parsley, rosemary, and others. You just have to punch a basketball by the side of the ball to hook the rope, but the soil as necessary into the basketball pot and plant the kind of plants you like. The final step, hang this unique pot around your house.

5. Outdated boots can beautify your house yard


Do you have any old worn-out boots? Do not throw it out right away. You can paint the boots with bright colors that can attract attention. Not only that, you can plant your favorite flowers on it. Put a nail in the wooden fence or the outside wall of your house so that this unique boots pot can be different home decor with your neighbor. Not only to decorate the wall or fence, this pot can also be placed in the yard close to the door of the house to add a cheerful and unique impression to your home.

6.With the handmade key holder, the keyholder will always be well ordered


If you always have problems with the location of the key that you often forget where the place of the key was, then maybe this keyholder could be a solution. You can easily make it using an old eraser, glue, and nail pines. Embed this keyholder on the wooden table in your room and you can simply remember the place of your key holders. Simple and so helpful.

7. No need to buy drawers to keep your paper and documents, just make it by yourself at home


Instead of spending more money to buy drawers, it’s better to use household waste such as cereal boxes or milk boxes to keep your paper documents. It’s an easy, cheap, and fast way to do it. First, prepare 3 to 4 boxes of used cereal, glue, masking tape or double tape, and your favorite wrapping paper.

Glue all the boxes together according to the image above. Place the double tip on the inside of the box. Paste the wrapping paper according to the inner cardboard size and stick it gently. Wrap the exterior of the box with wrapping paper. Finally, you can keep your papers inside easily.

8. Old and unused tie in your closet could be a creative apron


Instead of being redundant things and just piling up in the closet, you better take your old tie out and making it more useful for your daily activities. One of the creative ways to use it is to sew 7 pieces on each side of the length. To unite 7 pieces of tie into this super unique apron can be done with needle and thread only. You can also use another tie section to make an apron strap. Happy cooking with this creative apron, guys!