8 Natural Ways to Clean Lungs Due to Cigarettes, Effectively Reduce the Risk of Serious Disease

8 Natural Ways to Clean Lungs Due to Cigarettes, Effectively Reduce the Risk of Serious Disease

The fact that smoking is harmful is well known to almost everyone, including smokers themselves. Unfortunately, not many of those really listen to the warning because they are already addicted, and difficult to break the habit.

In fact, the bad impact not only hit the direct users but also the passive smokers who inhale the smoke accidentally. The lungs are the most susceptible organs affected by the substances contained in cigarettes.

To neutralize the bad effects of nicotine, here are some ways to cleanse the lungs from exposure to harmful tobacco smoke. Both active and passive smokers are welcome to try it.

1. Have a break from dairy products, replace it with a cup of green tea at night before bed.

Green tea is known as a drink that contains many antioxidants as a toxin in the body, including nicotine substances contained in cigarette smoke. Not only that, but the greatness of green tea can also be used to improve liver organ function and to lower cholesterol levels in the body. Drink a cup of green tea every night before going to bed as a start for your lungs cleansing program.

2. After waking up, drink warm water with lime juice.

In addition to the nutritious benefits for beauty, lime has a good benefit to cleanse the lungs of harmful chemicals in cigarettes. Lime is a high source of vitamin C and antioxidants that work against free radicals and inhibits the action of enzymes that activate cancer cells, including lung cancer. Based on the results of the analysis, the powerful lime juice reduces nicotine levels of the lungs by 70 percent you know!

3. A few hours after breakfast, consumption of carrot juice to get an alkaline injection.

Not only beneficial for eye health, but carrots are also an alkaline source to protect healthy cells in the body and prevent the formation of plaque in blood vessels, as well as fighting nicotine. Carrots are very good to consume in raw or steam. You can consume carrot juice regularly as a daily intake a few hours after breakfast.

4. Take lots of selenium to strengthen the lung membrane.

Selenium is a mineral source that stimulates enzymes together with vitamin E strengthens the lung membrane. The results revealed that the amount of selenium in the body inversely proportional to the number of cancer cells. This means if the levels of selenium are high, then the number of cancer cells will go down or even disappear.

Selenium source foods are usually high-protein foods such as eggs, marine fish (especially tuna), shellfish, and meat. While vegetable foods can be obtained from garlic, broccoli, cauliflower, almonds, cereals, corn, tomatoes, and fermented foods such as tempeh, tofu, and yogurt.

5. Eating soy is also effective to improve lung function that has been damaged by the danger of nicotine.

Soybeans are one of the foods that can be processed into various types of food ranging from tofu, tempeh or even to be used as soy milk. Soy contains flavonoids that can act as an anti-inflammatory in the lungs. In addition, soy can also be used to protect the lungs from the nicotine that causes cancer. Eating soy regularly will help you in repairing lung function that has been damaged by the danger of nicotine.

6. Do not be lazy to exercise good breathing to train the lungs.

Regular exercise is very good for the lungs. Do it in a simple way like walking for 30 minutes every morning in the fresh air. Not only helps provide energy for the body but also strengthens the lungs and provides fresh oxygen for lung cells. In addition, you are also recommended to train stomach breathing to strengthen and clean the lungs.

Start by lying on your back and your hands resting on your stomach with your palm on the bottom of your rib cage. Take a slow, deep breath to allow the diaphragm to expand. After holding your breath for a moment, exhale slowly. Do this exercise for 5 minutes while lying down and your eyes closed. This is done to pull the oxygen to the bottom of the lungs.

7. Inhale warm water with eucalyptus oil to clean the respiratory system.

This way is worth a try because it has extraordinary benefits. All you need to do is to boil water and drip eucalyptus oil in it. After boiling and if still hot, breathe in the water vapor. Do it for 3 days will obviously make your lungs healthier and cleaner.

8. Routine drinking of white water is also good as a detox to prevent the body from toxins in cigarettes.

The importance of keeping the water intake every day should not be underestimated. Drinking enough water helps to boost metabolism in the body and to increase endurance. In addition, water can also be used to remove toxins that enter the body through the smoked cigarette every day. Drinking water is recommended as much as 2 liters per day or about 8 glasses each day.

The lungs are vital organs that are important to maintain health. Untreated lungs can increase the risk of health problems and even death. so free your lungs from the cigarette smoke and harmful substances in it, start doing the above therapy from now!