8 'Useless' Body Parts Explained

8 'Useless' Body Parts Explained

Did you realize that the useless part of your body can be very important? Unfortunately many people don't realize it. Try to recognize what every part of your body looks like and its useful functions.

Quoted from Reader's Digest, this many parts of the body you rarely notice but have amazing functions. Let's check it out!

1. Uvula
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This part lies suspended in the throat and above the tongue. Many people do not know what it does. This organ helps human to speak, or drink while bowing in water. But its main function is to salivate in large quantities.

Uvula is also associated with snoring habits. A study in Italy revealed that people who snore have fewer nerve fibers in their uvula than those who do not snore.

2. Eyebrow
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For many women today, they love their eyebrow to be shaved and redrawn. but do you know what eyebrow function is above your eyes? Eyebrows protect the eyes from debris of dust, water, and sun. Eyebrows also become an important factor in the ability to recognize the face.

Research at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA, called on participants to identify photos of faces of 50 famous people, with their eyes removed digitally. The result, participants can recognize each individual about 60 percent. However, when eyebrows are removed from facial photos, they can recognize only 46 percent.

3. Armpit hair
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Underarm hair is often undesirable, some shave it because it causes body odor. But do you know what the function of this armpit hair? Axillary hair grows on top of the sweat glands and produces certain aromas from the body, which may be luring or sexual arousal.

4. Nipples on Men
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In the womb, for 60 days, all embryos follow the same genetic activity, until the Y chromosome owner's testosterone changes the direction of activity not to develop the breast. Male nipples are the remaining organs of fetal development in the first two months. But the man's nipple is still functioning when there is sexual arousal or feel cold.

5. Tonsils
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When the throat hurts, you will see tissue like a sponge at the back of the mouth that looks slightly swollen, red, or white speckled. This part is called the tonsils.

Generally part of the lymphatic system, tonsils or tonsils protect the body from infections that enter through the nose and mouth. However, the tonsils can also be overloaded bacteria or viruses. If it causes problems in chronic or respiratory diseases, the tonsils may be removed.

6. Fingernails
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Fingernails are not for decoration, fingernails serve as a window of body health. Color changes, the presence of lines or the appearance of small spots can be a sign that the body has certain health problems.

7. Umbai worm or appendix
Image source : onhealth.com

Umbai worms or appendiks are considered to have no function, initially, but it turns out according to research Duke University Medical School, North Carolina, United States, this organ is the home of good bacteria. When appendicitis, it will not affect anything when the appendix is removed.

8. Wisdom teeth
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These teeth are molar teeth that help people chew rough foods such as beans and meat. The youngest teeth begin to develop at the age of 10 years and it hurts at the age of 17 and 25.

There are some parts of the body that are often unknown and may also be ignored. You also often ignore it right?