8 Easily Maintained and Beneficial Animals

8 Easily Maintained and Beneficial Animals

One way to judge a person can be seen in the way they treat animals.

However, maintaining or caring for the animal is not an easy matter. It needs knowledge, skill, and patience. People have their own reasons for raising animals. It's not just a hobby, many also serve as a business.

Now let's see the following 8 animals that are easy to maintain and likely to give big profits.

1. Peking Duck
Source : resources.stuff.co.nz

These animal are easy to maintain, have a good appetite, do not require large space, and are not too fierce. In addition to helping to spend the leftovers, they have the meat and eggs that people always need. Only, this type of duck is slow and weak, so prone to be a soft target of the predators.

2. Rabbit
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This cute and productive animal becomes another choice for you who want to open animal business. This rabbit can be a source of meat, and not a few types of rabbits are kept as an ornamental animal.

It does not need a large place, as well as feed that is not complicated. We can even take advantage of the existing vegetables, and grass clippings. We just give freedom in the garden. In addition to eating, they can also produce good fertilizer. If you want more protected, we can also make a comfortable cage.

3. Chicken
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This two-legged creature seems to have been commonly used as livestock. Chicken is indeed multifunctional. We can use the meat, the eggs, and the droppings at once. For the cage, they need a cage that could be used as a shelter area, spot to lay the eggs later, and shelter from the predators.

The food itself is not too difficult. They love almost all foods. Only, this chicken is susceptible to diseases, lice, or mites. One of the things we should prioritize is the cleanliness of the cage. Because if there is one chicken affected by the disease, others will get sick.

4. Sheep

This one also includes a favorite choice of breeders. Goats do offer a lot of things. Starting from the meat, skin, and milk. Moreover, goat's milk is also more easily digested than with cow's milk. The feed is also not complicated. Goats hooked with grass, straw, or vegetables. Given the size is large enough, we also need a rather spacious cage. In addition to avoiding the rain, the cage can also be a protector. But during the day, they are also often released in the field.

5. Cow

The maintenance of this animals is not recommended for beginners. Cows have a heavy weight and large, automatically they also need a larger cage also. Especially if we want to shepherd them in the meadow. Of course they also suck up more water and food. Handlers can not be arbitrary.

But if we can handle it well, the benefits will appear to skyrocket. After all, a lot can be sold from cows. His head, his flesh, his bones, his skin, his droppings, his milk, or his milk.

  1. Bee
    Source : walldevil.com

Although small, but bees become animals that need special treatment. We can get bees for free. the first step is that we can prepare the nest to rest and breed. To be in direct contact, it would be better if we wear gloves, head coverings, and special clothes. Their sting cannot be underestimated.

Honeybees are not typical of animals that rely on their keepers, considering they travel frequently to a radius of 5-10 miles. As a gift, we will be blessed with sweet, useful, and valuable honey.

7. Quail
Source : hdwallsource.com

The next option is the quail. Some people may underestimate it, because this one is less popular. But that does not mean we don't have to glance at it. Because the bird is not too demanding a super large cage, as long as clean and closed.

You should also provide an incubator thus, the regeneration process can be smooth. We can use the meat or eggs that are quite fertile. The average of them will begin to be productive and produce eggs at the age of about 45 days.

8. Pig
Source : peta.org

To get enough meat, we usually have to take care of this animal until about 1 year.As for the food, they devour almost everything. Pig loves compost, grains, fodder, corn, etc. Their portions are quite large compared to other animals. While for the cage, it is advisable to make a strong defense. They can be so strong and desperate to get away.

If you already have a strong passion, activities to care for animals will not be a burden at all. Instead, this activity will transform into a profitable hobby. Well, are you interested? What animal will you choose?