7 Ways to Keep the Spirit in the Morning Without Coffee

7 Ways to Keep the Spirit in the Morning Without Coffee

Do you need a cup (or maybe two cups?) Of coffee each morning to wake up and get excited in the morning? Well, even though coffee has many health benefits, being addicted to this one drink is not good either. There are other ways to stay "face the day". Here, Mindblowings has found seven ways to keep the spirit in the morning without drinking coffee.

Enjoy the Sun Light in the Morning

Leaving the curtain open or opening it as soon as you wake up will increase serotonin levels and provide the intake of vitamin D the body needs to be more energized. Yup, this is a natural way to wake up in the morning!

Not only that, according to research results from the Northwestern University School of Medicine, sunlight can also lower Body Mass Index (BMI). Just take 20 to 30 minutes to get this one.

Consumption of High-Protein Foods

Foods containing high protein, such as eggs and Greek yogurt, take longer to digest the body. This means you will feel fuller and energized until lunchtime arrives. Other benefits? "Wake up" the body's metabolism so that it can burn more fat throughout the day.

Get Moving

You might frown right after reading this one tip. Not everyone can get up early and have time to exercise. However, the actual exercise you need to do every morning does not always have to run in the morning or exercise in the gym, you know. Just do light stretching in bed to pump blood and make the body move. It's so easy, darling!

Splash of Cold

Want to get up more "fast" than usual? Try bathing with cold water. This can activate the parasympathetic nervous system, which makes you more alert. If you feel unable to take a shower with cold water, wash your face with cold water, or drink cold water also has the same effect really.

Chew Gum

Based on studies published by the National Center for Biotechnology Information in the United States, chewing gum can make you more alert. Yes darling, this one thing really can make you wake up!

Listen to Enthralling Music

Music can make the body release hormone dopamine and serotonin, which can make the body more energetic. So, it never hurts to listen to music that beats up in the morning.

According to music psychologist David M Greenberg, Viva La Vida's song from Coldplay is the most appropriate song to be heard in the morning thanks to a tone that "evokes" passion, positive lyrics, and a strong tempo of 100 to 130 bpm. Another option: Rather Be by Clean Bandit.

Contact People, You Love

Those who don't smile won't get the words "Good morning and have a good day" from the nearest person. So, take time to chat with the person you love most, whether it's a parent, sister, brother, or friend. Simply through a brief chat alone can make the mood so happy, so you have more spirit to welcome the day.

Well, this seven-way could be a "substitute" for a cup of coffee. If you drink coffee in the morning has become a habit that can't be abandoned, you can still practice these tips above. That way, your day will become more fun and away from a bad mood.