7 Bizarre Useful Things You Can Do With Mayonnaise

7 Bizarre Useful Things You Can Do With Mayonnaise

Mayonnaise is one of the favorite food for some people. Mayonnaise can be mixed with salad, fried nuggets, and so on. There is original and spicy mayonnaise. But is it just a mayonnaise to eat?

Here are seven unexpected useful things you can do with mayonnaise.

1. It makes the plant shiny.

You may be surprised to see the leaves of plants in the flower shop look so shiny like plastic. Well, if you want your plants at home to have the same shiny look as in the flower shop, try to put some mayonnaise.

2. Removing water stains on wooden furniture.

The remaining water spills on top of wood furniture can leave stains. Well, to be able to remove it just use mayonnaise. Simply put a spoon of mayonnaise on the water stain, then rub it with a tissue.

3. Remove the crayon stain on the wall.

Houses with small children often have walls full of crayon streaks. Well, to remove it can use mayonnaise. Apply mayonnaise to the crossed-out wall and then rub with a washcloth.

4. Make the piano so shiny.

You those of you who have a piano at home, the surface sometimes looks dull. Well, mayonnaise can make your piano shiny again. Apply mayonnaise to the surface of the keys then wipe with a washcloth or tissue.

5. Clean up the rest of the stickers removed.

Laptops, refrigerators, cabinets, and some other items are often the place to stick stickers. Well, if the sticker is damaged then revoked, it will leave a sticky stain. Mayonnaise can help clean it up. Simply rub the rest of the sticker, wait about 15 minutes, then wipe it off with a cloth.

6. Removing the hard ring on a finger

The case of a hard ring on a finger can happen to anyone. If there is no soap, you can use mayonnaise to help remove the ring. Simply rub with mayonnaise around the ring, then it will release slowly.

7. Repairing wooden cracks.

If your wood furniture has a small crack, you can fill the gap with mayonnaise. Leave it for a few days, then the mayonnaise will shrink the crack. This is because the mayonnaise contains oils and proteins that are beneficial to the wood which the cracks can be closed again.