7 Tips To Save Yourself From The Tall Building When Earthquake

7 Tips To Save Yourself From The Tall Building When Earthquake

An earthquake is when two blocks of the earth suddenly slip past one another. Earthquakes occur without any warning so prepare yourself well when earthquake hits your town.

Here are the 7 ways to save yourself from earthquakes while you are still iinside a a tall building.

1. Never leave the building when the earthquake still occurs. Research in Japan shows that running or walking when an earthquake occurs will increase the risk of injury.
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2. Take shelter and hold on to something strong. For example, shelter under the table.
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3. If there is no shelter, squat and take a curled position while protecting your head.
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4. Do not get close windows, glass, or objects that easily fall and break.
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5. While on the stairs, sit down for a while and hold on
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6. If you are in the elevator, get out as soon as the door opens
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7. When there is an evacuation warning, immediately evacuate yourself to a safer place and stay away from tall buildings.
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