7 Superfood To Help Lose Weight

7 Superfood To Help Lose Weight

For those of you who are still trying to lose weight, don't just reduce the portion of your everyday meal. The more important thing to emphasize is what you eat all this time. If you eat foods that are not nutritious, the diet is still not healthy and you might fail your diet.

To get a healthy diet, there are some superfoods that you need to consume to lose weight easily. 


Oats is a high-calorie, high-fiber healthy diet suitable for you who are hungry. Eat the oats at breakfast or a snack during the day.


Avocado is low in sugar but high in healthy fats and nutrients the body needs. Very good as a diet because it makes satiety as well as digestion.


Broccoli is a vegetable high in antioxidants, nutrients, and fiber so very good as a diet every day.

Red rice


Red rice is very powerful as a substitute for healthy carbohydrates from white rice because of low in sugar but high in fiber. Red rice is very good for the diet because it fills.


Pear is also the best fruit for the diet because of high fiber and water, but low in sugar and low in calories, very good for daytime or breakfast snacks.



Eggs are great for diet because of their high protein and nutrients so it is very good to reduce the buildup of body fat because of the consumption of fat and excess carbohydrates.



Bananas are also very good for diets with vitamins and minerals. High banana fiber is also very good to reduce the desire to snack.