7 Scientific Signs In Children Who Might Become Psychopaths As Adults

7 Scientific Signs In Children Who Might Become Psychopaths As Adults

Psychopaths are one of those terrible psychic disorders. In widescreen films, a psychopath is often described as a cold-blooded killer or cruel rape perpetrator.

Who would have thought, the signs of psychopaths can actually be seen from the behavior of children from 3 years old. Many serial killers behave like these signs in their childhood.

Unfortunately, parents usually do not think that these signs affect their behavior as adults. These signs are examined by J.M. Macdonald, a US psychiatrist who analyzed the behavior of about 100 criminals.

1. Likes to torture animals.
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Usually children tend to play with animals. However, if the child's behavior turns to hurt even to kill the animal, then the parents are advised to take immediate action seriously.

Hurting animals is one indication of psychopathic disorders. People who have this disorder usually torture animals to vent their desires. And it turns into torturing others as we get older.

The photo above is Jeffrey Dahmer, a serial killer who killed 15 people in the United States. And look at the picture of his childhood as he holds the cat.

2. Piromania.
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Piromania is a mental disorder characterized by a strong urge to intentionally ignite a fire. Usually people who suffer from this disorder will feel relieved or satisfied after doing so.

Piromania or pleasure while burning a common good is another way to show anger and rebellion.

3. Enuresis.
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In terminology, enuresis is a person's inability to control urine. Children with Enuresis will usually wet the bed at night.

Certainly not a 100 percent guarantee that children who wet the bed are psychopaths of the future. However, this disorder often provokes burning, animal torture, and many other things because this condition is embarrassing for the child.

For example, Andrei Chikatilo suffers from enuresis and he is the most horrible psychopath in the Soviet era. Her mother beat her every time she wet the bed. Moments later, she began to enjoy watching other children suffer because of their mistakes.

4. Likes to break the rules.
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When children start arguing with their parents' words and breaking the rules, they may begin to show psychopathic symptoms. It's scary, they usually understand the rules but prefer to break them.

By breaking the rules, they get the excitement and the sensation of adrenaline. The same is true when they steal something.

5. Lying without regret.
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A child who lies for fear of being punished is a natural thing. Especially if the child lied and apologized and regretted his actions.

But a child with psychopathic traits will lie and will not regret it. They just love the process of lying and will continue to do so.

6. Likes to bully.
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Bullying among school children lately is rampant. But not all children who like bullying will become a psychopath in the future.

A child does bullying usually for various reasons: wants attention, wants to show strength, or follows their cruel parents' behavior. However, children with psychopathic features usually likes to bully or humiliate others just for enjoying it.

7. Not sensitive.
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Children with psychopathic characteristics do not show fear like their peers. They also do not feel the stress at the same level. They do not know what love is.

According to Heather Irvin, a senior psychologist, the child's first year of life is the most important in determining the future of their psychological health.

Psychopaths are formed from a long process and started as children. At the age of children less than 5 years, that's the right time to instill social moral values and affection.