10 New Year Traditions That You Haven't Heard Of

10 New Year Traditions That You Haven't Heard Of

The year 2018 just came to greet us all. Festive celebrations and parties are held to welcome the new year. People flocked to the center of the crowd and enjoyed the fireworks as the seconds of the new year. The year 2018 was greeted with great optimism and joy.

But don't think the new year celebration is just a firework party. There are many traditions to welcome the turn of the year from different countries. More people are choosing to welcome the new year with activities other than a firework party. Let's see the 10 new year celebrations from around the world.

1. Denmark

In Denmark, broken glass is considered to be lucky. Local people in Denmark break their unused porcelain at their doorstep or to their neighbors. They also break the porcelain in front of their friend's house to give luck. It's very unique but dangerous because imagine if someone steps on it barefoot.

2. China

Welcoming the Chinese New Year, most of China's residents paint the front door of his house in red. It is said that red is the color of the lucky symbol there.

3. Italy

In Italy, people use red underpants to make their love fortune better in the new year.

4. Argentina

Not just in Italy, underwear is also a symbol of love search in Argentina. In the celebration of a new year, they wear pink panties for both boys and girls who are looking for love in the new year.

5. Spain

In Spain, there is a myth in which you have to prepare 12 grapes and eat them all at once in seconds as the new year changes. The number of 12 items is considered to represent the number of months. If you cannot afford to spend it will be considered unlucky.

6. Myanmar

In Myanmar, they don't follow the new year like everyone else but their new year fall around April, they hold a Thangyin Water Festival where the whole community plays with water by spraying water on the streets. Playing with water is considered as the remission of the sin for the year before.

7. Scotland

In addition to the Water Festival there is also the Fire Festival in Scotland, where before midnight, there are some professionals doing a parade by playing using fireballs then throwing them into the sea. It has lasted more than 100 years and aims to cast out evil spirits.


In Chile, citizens welcome the New Year by visiting the graves of relatives or loved ones.

9. South Africa

In Hillbrow, Johannesburg, South Africa there is a strange habit. People throw used furniture that is not worn. They can also throw it from the floor of a very high apartment. What a dangerous way to celebrate the new year.

10. Colombia

In Ecuador and Colombia, people make dolls of people who they hate or who have died. On New Year's Eve, they burn the dolls. It is a symbol that a bad past must be quickly forgotten.