6 Types Of Water That We Cannot Drink

6 Types Of Water That We Cannot Drink

1. Raw Water

According to the Network Health Channel, in raw water contained a lot of bacteria, viruses, and parasites, which can harm the human body. Consuming raw water will be very easy to contract acute colitis, inflammation of viral hepatitis, typhoid, diarrhea, and parasitic infections. Especially in large and small rivers, wells, or reservoirs that today, it has been contaminated with industrial plant waste, household waste, and pesticides, so that drinking raw water will be susceptible to disease.
Water is the source of life. Consuming water is very important. Proper eating them every day not only to maintain health, but also can treat the disease.

2. Water Used Steamed

The definition of excess water steam is residual water used for steaming buns, and others. Especially the water used for the steam that has been used repeatedly steaming, because the content of nitrates in it is very high. If you frequently consume such water or wastewater used to cook porridge, it would be easy Nitrate poisoning. In addition, the crust of sediment in water used to steam often come into the body, which can lead to complications in the digestive, nervous, arts tract disorders, impaired production of blood cells, blood circulation, and others that cause premature aging. This is because the water used to steam sediment crust contains hazardous substances such as cadmium, mercury, arsenic, aluminum, and others.

3. Non-Boiling Water

Drinking water taps are the result of the sterilization process by using chlorination. After going through the process, the water still contains 13 hazardous substances, including halogenated hydrocarbons and chloroform can cause cancer and abnormal. When the water temperature is heated to 90 ° C, the content of halogenated hydrocarbons will increase from 53 micrograms to 177 micrograms, or more than 2 times higher than the national drinking water health standards. Experts said that drinking water is not boiling can increase the chances of developing prostate cancer and cancer of the rectum (the last part of the large intestine) 21% -38% higher. If the water temperature reaches 100 ° C then both of these harmful substances will evaporate follow the moisture and water content will be drastically reduced, if water is allowed to boil continuously for 3 minutes, it would be safe for consumption.

4. Water Re Cooked

There are people who have a habit of cooking back boiled water remaining in the flask, reheated and drunk, so that water-saving, energy-saving, and saving time. But the savings ?? as this does not seem feasible. Because cooked boiled water back will make the water content evaporates back so that the nitrate content will increase, and often consume water as this will increase the deposition of nitrates in the body that cause poisoning.

5. Water Packaging diverse

After knowing the types of water that should not be consumed, and how we should consume bottled water which many in the market? Please consider the following explanation!
Mountain spring water, purified water, mineral water, weak alkaline water, where should we drink?
Today the weak alkaline water becomes a kind of trend, there is a kind of argument that weak alkaline drinking water may enhance male vitality.
For doctors it is not the root of the problem, water consumption aims to maintain water levels in the body, with enough water. While the need for minerals and nutrients can be obtained from the consumption of other foodstuffs. It is precisely problems like crust sludge arising in the water dispenser, the crust of sediment due to the cooking water many times, are the important things that must be considered. ??
Currently, there are still differences of opinion among experts who respond to the potent effect of weak alkaline water. The human body is alkaline indeed weak, but in the human body, there is also a biological capability that can regulate the balance of acids and bases, so that the pH value in the body will always be stable, and therefore does not need the addition of alkaline water to balance it. Regarding increasing the probability of getting a boy, to date, there is no scientific basis at all.

6. Beverage Packaging? Should Carefully Before Drinking?

Types of beverages on the market is very diverse, and many of them were given additives, mineral, or sugar, and maybe consumed according to individual taste, but not everyone can consume it. Milk and pure fruit juice contain nutrients and substances that are useful in certain levels if taken correctly can be utilized as an adjunct to the diet daily. Some types of drinks are given extra minerals and vitamins, which are suitable for consumption for outdoor activities and sports. While carbonated beverages containing sugar and coloring in large quantities should be reduced.

Tips: Consumption 8 Glasses of Water Every Day

Almost everyone knows the need to drink eight glasses of water a day, but how big is the size of the glasses used to drink 8 glasses of water? Does that include water content in food?
Recommendations of the Association of Nutrition PRC as outlined in the Guidelines for Eating and Drinking Balanced said adults need water consumed an average of 1,200 ~ 2,000 CC, this figure when adjusted for the posture of the human body and the changes in the weather, then we get the number 6 ~ 10 glasses of water with glass the size of the 200 CC, or an average of 8 glasses. This does not include the water content contained in the food.
Drinking water should be in small amounts with frequency but often, do not wait until a new thirst to drink water. Adding water in a state of dehydration or lack of water will cause the body to absorb water quickly, but will soon be discharged through metabolism so that it causes the effectiveness of water absorption by the body to decrease.

No Good Consuming Water From Plastic Packaging

According to information, the majority of plastic cups containing toxic substances such as polyethylene and others. At normal temperature, the glass type is not problematic. At the time of glasses filled with water at high temperature, or used for too long, then these harmful substances are released, and there are reports that often drinking water from plastic containers can lead to infertility in men and women, but until now there has been no evidence clinically. Drinking water should be of glass or ceramic containers.

A glass of Warm Water In The Morning

What kind of water should be consumed in the morning? Doctors recommend warm water.
Not drinking water overnight can cause increased blood viscosity, especially for seniors who have high blood fat or high cholesterol, the first glass when you wake up you should drink warm water to thin the blood fluid.
Adjusted circumstances of each, may also choose other types of water. Honey drinks a glass of water on an empty stomach in the morning in addition to adding the water content of the body, it can also improve health, and for the elderly and people with constipation, it can even facilitate the process of defecation.
Many people like to drink fruit juice so you wake up in the morning. Milk or fruit juice is not good to drink on an empty stomach because it might trigger discomfort stomach and intestine or stomach acid