6 Things Successful Women Never Say

6 Things Successful Women Never Say

One secret of a successful person is that they are wise in saying something. Words can be a "spell" that make you successful or vice versa. Here are 6 things that successful women never say:

"I do not know how"

A smart person will be easier to achieve success. When faced with new things, they will not give up and wait for others to tell them what to do. They prefer to find out for themselves how to do it. They observe others, ask questions, and learn the tricks that can help them in completing the task. As the result, they can complete the task with the maximum. This proves that things will get easier when you learn to do it.

"I Have No Time"

Everyone, whether it's you, the boss, or the president, has the same timeshare. When 24 hours is not enough, you have not applied the right time management. In fact, saying "I do not have time" is tantamount to refusing to finish the job. Better say, "I only have 20 minutes, I will try to finish it," to be more productive.

Saying "Yes" ... for All Things!

Saying "Yes" to all meeting, event, and conference invitations will not improve your career, dear. This can even make you unfocused and stressed so that productivity is reduced. In reality, you cannot commit to all things. Saying "no" is a friend of a successful woman. They know what things are a priority.

"I am not properly paid"

Money is important, but do not let this blind you. Successful women do not make money the main issue. They know the money will come when you are able to complete the task with the maximum - or even exceed expectations. If you want to build a career from a job that has been owned, do not let this poison the mind and make you lazy to work.

"This is not fair"

It is a cliché if it says life is never fair. Successful women never allow unfair feelings to haunt them. Instead, they use the ability to drive change and focus on what can be done instead of becoming the victim of "destiny". Constantly complaining of injustice without doing anything will only hinder you. Better focus on developing expertise.

"I never have vacation"

Oh dear, always working will not improve your career. CEO of famous companies always take time to vacation, your period is not? Successful women know when to stop for a moment from work and a vacation that can recharge the spirit. Holidays are important to maintain focus and stamina. In fact, this can make creativity flowing profusely. In essence, everyone needs a holiday, not your exception.