Things Men Want Women to Know

Things Men Want Women to Know

Both men and women have different emotional needs. Often a relationship fails in the middle of the way because the couple cannot understand this need. Sadly again the couple can cheat when he feels not loved.

In the book Men from Mars, Women are from Venus, John Gray mentions that men and women have six distinctive and equally important needs for love. In a relationship, women generally need attention, understanding, respect, loyalty, affirmation, and assurance. Then what about men? Men generally need these six things from a woman to have her love needs fulfilling and prevent the possibility of her having an affair or two. Let's discuss it one by one.


Men need trust to be more open and more receptive. We as women need to give trust to the man we love. Believe him that he is reliable. Trust him to be the first person we will contact when we need a backrest. In this way, he will always try to give the best for us.


Women generally want to be always understood. While men tend to want always be accepted. Accept the advantages and disadvantages completely. Do not be too pretentious to advise a man without being asked. Why do men need to feel welcome? By feeling acceptable, men can more easily listen and understand the needs of women.


By feeling appreciated, men will actually give more. He will be more eager to do more special things for the woman she loves. He also becomes more respectful of his partner. Appreciate every effort and sacrifice no matter how small it is that he can stay by our side.


As a woman, how do we show admiration to the man we love? There are several ways that can be tried, such as showing pleasure and giving approval for the right decision he made. When a man has felt admired, he will get a sense of security and choose to stay by your side.


Men have a tendency to be a hero or a knight for the woman he loves. When successfully doing something, he can get his own satisfaction. Here, we can give recognition of the goodness and sacrifice that he has done. Give a positive reason or explanation that supports it doing something.


Men need encouragement from women. Even to give more love to the woman she loves, she still needs a new push every time. This encouragement is his new motivation to offer more special things in the future.

Understanding these needs can be a foundation that can be used to build a harmonious relationship. It should be emphasized also that the personality of every man can have its own uniqueness, ok ladies. Hopefully, you and your partner can establish a relationship that is always harmonious and lasting to continue to build better communication in the future.