6 Secrets of food and habits of Japanese women that makes them look younger than their age

6 Secrets of food and habits of Japanese women that makes them look younger than their age

Japanese women always look younger even though they are not young anymore. The Japanese woman once was crowned as the most beautiful and elegant woman in the world.

Well, it turns out these Japanese women have a unique eating habits you know. To stay young, they have special tricks. Would you like to know the secret?

1. A diverse and balanced diet

Many people think Japanese only eat sushi. In fact they also eat fish, seaweed, vegetables, rice, fruit and green tea. The Japanese do a balanced diet, the food is consumed almost without high calories and junk food.

Freshness and seasonality are the most important. For example during winter they eat meat, fish, hot drinks and soups. When summer, they prefer to consume cold soup, seafood, cold ramen and salad.

2. Cooking methods

Japanese people cook food by boiling, roasting, steaming and frying in a special pan with very little oil. They also prefer if the vegetables are sliced because it is more quickly cooked.

Vegetable broth is also the most famous main food. They are also very careful of spices, trying not to make the stomach, liver and kidneys work very hard. The essence of Japanese cuisine is, natural beauty, color and taste.

3. Culture while eating
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Eating is one of the rituals in Japan. They always eat slowly with small chunks and portions on a small plate. They try to maintain the natural taste and appearance of the food.

4. Better rice than bread

Rice is an essential part of every food, and is always cooked without salt or butter. Without starchy food will help them stay slim.

5. Breakfast is the main meal.

Breakfast is the most compulsory food in Japan. Breakfast so their main meal which includes several dishes containing fish, rice, omelets, miso soup, seaweed, green soy and tea.

6. No sweet foods as dessert.

Dessert is one of the rare things in Japan. They don't really like sweet food. There is an ice cream made from rice known as mochi cake but Japanese desserts are generally low fat and low in sugar.