6 Places Germs & Bacteria Thrive in Your Home

6 Places Germs & Bacteria Thrive in Your Home

What is the place that you think the dirtiest in your house? Without you knowing, there are many germs in your home in objects that escape attention.

According to experts at the Society for General Microbiology under optimal conditions, certain bacteria can divide themselves every 20 minutes, and spread rapidly around their stay.

Germs can make you sick, although the immune system can protect itself from microorganisms, the virus can still remain lodged in the body. Unexpected places such as switch knobs, door handles, and electronic appliances in fact save a lot of germs beyond estimates. However, do not panic too much to make it "too clean".

Here are the things at home that is also a home for the germs:

Sponge in the kitchen

Its function as a washing utensil and cook at home makes it easy to be contaminated with bacteria and germs. The moisture of the sponge makes the bacteria easier to grow. In fact, the germs in the dishwashing sponge can be more than germs in the toilet seat.

Dishes in the kitchen

Not much different from the sponge, the sink can be a place for germs to stick, especially if you do not rinse it clean when used up. As much as possible also not to pile up dirty dishes here. Remnants of dirt left in the tub is very potential to be a germ disease spreader.

Door Fridge Door and Knop Cabinet

While cooking, your spiced and other hands can carelessly touch the refrigerator door and kitchen cabinet knob. Not to mention other family members who after eating or after traveling directly open the refrigerator, of course, there are many germs that stick there.

Switch button

Try to calculate how often you wipe the switch on your home? It must be rare. Similar to door handles, objects that are often touched with various fingers of the inhabitants in your home also save a lot of bacteria.

Makeup Bags

Makeup bags store equipment such as feathers and makeup applicator brushes that are easy targets for germplasm. Clean the makeup applicator on a regular basis, as well as the makeup remnants attached to the makeup bag. Simply soak or spray with a special cleaning fluid.

Electronic Equipment

Remote tv, computer keyboard, cell phone, a place where many germs live. This equipment is generally not only touched by one person in the house but also every member of the family, even guests, while these items are generally rarely cleaned. Look for special equipment that can clean secure electronic equipment.

Bathroom Flush, Toothbrush container, Shower Tap

The flush handle is generally the part that is often forgotten cleaned when you clean the bathroom. Usually, people just focus on the bathroom floor, walls, bathtubs and closets to be cleaned. Though around the water channel and faucet is also part of no less important, especially where you put the toothbrush.

There is an easy way to keep yourself and your family at home clean, with water and soap, cleaning wipes, and other simple things that can eradicate germs. One simple step is to wash your hands properly. Wash for approximately 20 - 30 seconds.