6 Photos Of Vegetables Before And After Cultivation

6 Photos Of Vegetables Before And After Cultivation

It turns out that the fruits and vegetables that exist today has changed a lot when compared with the previous form.

Today scientists can alter the genetic make up of a creature using sophisticated tools with a short amount of time, the genetic fruits and vegetables are naturally altered by the peasants with a long time process.

Since thousands of years ago, farmers have picked fruits and vegetables better in terms of taste and texture of the crop and decided to cultivate it. Through this old process now the fruits and vegetables we see are very different.

The following 6 pieces and vegetables that were once very different shapes and sizes.


1. Carrots
Image source: Business Insider / Science Alert

If now the carrot in the market colored orange and long-shaped, first cultivated carrots form very different. In the 10th century, its shape was like a small root. Uniquely vegetables that were originally cultivated in Turkey was used to have only two colors, white and purple. So different.

2. Banana
Image source: Business Insider + Science Alert

Bananas used to be the result of a cross between Musa Acuminata and Moses Balbisiana, a type of banana found in Papua New Guinea about 6,000 years ago. This banana was once a seeds and many in number.

3. Watermelon
Image source : Business Insider + Science Alert

If the outer form of this fruit 400 to 500 years ago just as it is now, but the inside is very different. The shape of the meat looks drier in a circle with more color to white. The seedss also still many and big but now the seeds are almost not there and contains more water.

4. Peaches
Image source: Business Insider

The fruit that is not much cultivated in Indonesia was once very small, with the size of a third seed of fruit size. Now the size of this fruit is 64 times larger and 4% sweeter. It is estimated that the fruit was first estimated to be first cultivated 4 thousand years before Christ.

5. Eggplant
Image soource: Business Insider + Hidupsegaralami.bologspot

This fruit was formerly cultivated before round, not oval like now. In addition, the eggplant also has a variety of colors, ranging from white, bluish, purple and yellow.

6. Corn
Image source: Business Insider / Science Alert

If we can turn back time before the 14th century, this one vegetable is impossible to recognize. Mexican society became the first to cultivate this vegetable. The size of the corn used to be no bigger than the little finger, hard and not as juicy now.