6 Mistakes Made During Job Interviews

6 Mistakes Made During Job Interviews

Want to get away from a stressful job interview? Avoid these 6 mistakes to maximize your interview success!

1. Not get ready.

It's all about preparation. Always remember to be on time - better up to 1 hour faster than you're late to for a job interview. Note also your outfit options - keep the tidiness and choose materials that are comfortable and not hot. You do not want to leave a sweat under your armpit, right?

2. Turning on the smartphone.

During the interview, do not peek at your smartphone screen to check incoming messages or worse, forgot to turn off the smartphone volume. Show that you are focused and the interview is your priority. After all, no one wants to hear the sound of a smartphone ringing in the middle of an interview!

3. Criticize previous work.

Obviously, this behavior will show that you have a bad personality. The interviewer will immediately assume that you can also gossip and spread negative things about your new company.

4. Show behavior that is too friendly.

This is a job interview, not a coffee date. Keep your voice tone friendly and body language positive, but remember not to share too much personal information. You only have limited time with the interviewer, so focus on career chats!

5. Turning weaknesses into something "positive".

If an interviewer asks, "What's your weakness?" Do not say fake things like "I'm a perfectionist," to indicate that your weakness is actually something positive. No! It will not impress the interviewer, because perhaps he has heard the answer hundreds of times. If he asks the question, specify one skill you want to grasp and explain what action is being taken to get better.

6. No questions asked at all.

When you have no questions, it shows that you are not prepared. Before each interview, note three questions about the company or work environment you would like to ask you to look interested in working with them.