Yes, Men's and Women's Brains Do Function Differently

Yes, Men's and Women's Brains Do Function Differently

The human body, whether male or female, has the same function. But there are some quite striking differences between the male and female body components.

Here are some interesting differences between men's and women's brain.

1. Eyes
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In a book written by Allan and Barbara Pearce entitled Why Men Don't listen and Women Cant Read Maps, there is little difference between the eyes of women and men.

Women's view is known to be wider while the view of men is sharper. Men are able to see in the dark, while the eyes of women can see more.

This is one of the reasons why women find it easier to find lost items than men, because their brains can process more images at a time than men.

2. Muscles
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Generally, humans consist of 650 muscles. But the female muscle consists of only 35 percent of the body, while the muscle man fills 45 percent of his body. The difference in the number of muscles of women and men is what causes men to have a stronger physical than women.

3. Fat
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The fats contained in the body of women and men are also different. Women have more body fat than men. The fat contained in the human body is about 27 percent, while in men only 16 percent of the entire body.

4. Bones
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Bones of women and men also have difference even if only 1% . 15 percent of men's body is bone, while women 14 percent.

5. Skin
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Women store extra fat on their breasts, hips, buttocks and under their skin layers. This is what makes women's skin softer than men. Since puberty, women tend to have skin, hair and eyes brightly colored than men.

6. Face shape
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Sex hormones control the differences in facial features of men and women. Therefore, the greater the male testosterone, the more eyebrows, cheekbones, and jawline appear. Meanwhile, the greater the female estrogen level, the wider the face, the full lips, and the higher eyebrows.

7. Hair
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Health expert, Dr I Gusti Nyoman Darmaputra, SpKK said that body hair in men and women have differences especially in terms of texture and distribution. Male hair texture tends to be thicker so it looks much more dense, such as in the armpits.

Moreover, the hair on the mustache and beard for example, are found only in men and not in women.

8. Lung
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For the lungs, women are known to have a smaller capacity of 30 percent than men.

9. Brain
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Research shows the male brain connections are in the front and back of the same side of the brain, whereas in the female brain, the joint is on the side between the right and left hemispheres.

In addition the male brain contains more gray matter, while the female brain contains more white matter. White matter basically increases the transmission speed of all nerve signals, which ultimately allows the woman to process the mind more quickly than men.

10. The sense of smell
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Women have better sense of smell than men. A study shows that the female brain has 50% more olfactory cells than men.