5 Ways to Solve Stuffy Nose Problems

5 Ways to Solve Stuffy Nose Problems

Nasal congestion due to flu can be very uncomfortable. Not to mention, when the problem of nasal congestion makes us difficult to breathe, headache and heart palpitations. Not only makes it uncomfortable, but it's also so annoying and emotional.

When experiencing nasal congestion problems, do not immediately feel annoyed. there are several natural ways that can be used to relieve or overcome them. The natural ways are as follows.

Warm Water Bath.

The first way is a warm bath. Water vapor from warm water can relieve the throat and slowly overcome the problem of nasal congestion. Even if you do not want a warm bath, dip your head over warm water can overcome the problem of a stuffy nose.

Drinking Warm Water.

Drink plenty of warm water when your nose is blocked. Make sure to properly hydrate the body so that viruses and bacteria that cause flu can be overcome with good. Drinking warm water also allows the immune system in the body the maximum. If you do not like warm water, you can eat warm herbal tea.

Consumption of Spicy Food

The next way to overcome the problem of nasal congestion is to eat spicy foods. Spicy food can relieve the nose and make the mucus in it out slowly with a more fluid texture. Hot spicy food is even believed to overcome this problem of nasal congestion better and faster.

Consumption of Chicken Soup

Since ancient times, chicken soup is a food that is believed to increase endurance and overcome the problem of nasal congestion, and cure flu. Nutrition contained in chicken soup is useful to relieve blockages in the nose to make the body fitter and feel lighter. Chicken soup cooked with vegetables such as carrots, spring onions, celery leaves, and cabbage will have even better benefits.

Gargle with Salt

The fifth way that can be used to overcome a stuffy nose is to gargle with salt. Dissolve one tablespoon of salt into 1 cup of warm water then use to rinse. This method not only solves the problem of nasal congestion but also kills bacteria and viruses in the mouth and gums.