5 Unexpected Things You Can Only See In Japan

5 Unexpected Things You Can Only See In Japan

Perhaps what comes up to our mind when we hear "Japan" we usually think of the Sakura flowers, anime, and the super-powerful robots. Japan is known for the extraordinary intelligence of its people. A lot of inventions are made to make life easier. Now let's see some of the unique inventions of the Japanese to make life easier.

1. Hat pillow
Image source : 6umasha.files.wordpress.com

The Japanese create a comfortable cushion cap for sleeping outside the home. The purpose is to sleep whenever they feel tired or sleepy at work or even in the train.

2. Tissue helmet for flue
Image source : weirdasianews.com

When having flue, the most annoying thing is the fluid from the nose that does not stop flowing. To overcome this, smart people in Japan also created flue tissue. This innovation is fairly unique, where a roll of tissue placed on the head and then equipped with a helmet strap.

By using this tissue cap, you no longer need to search for a tissue to wipe your nose. You just need to draw a tissue sheet over your head.

3. Artificial breasts for Dad
Image source : journal.citandy.com

Giving affection intact for the baby would be the hope of all parents who love their baby. Not just the mother who has the obligation to take care of the baby, men also have the same portion of obligations. So, if the wife is busy working, may be the husband can take turns babysitting. and breast feed the baby.

4. Walking washing machine
Image source : 4.bp.blogspot.com

This machine works when we walk. So, you can wash while walking or jogging. The faster we run the more effective also this machine works.

5. Food from feces
Image source : cdn.yukepo.com

The Japanese government is trying to overcome the accumulation of sewage waste in the gutter. And it turns out, this breakthrough has been thought to overcome food shortages in the future. Some people who claim to have tasted this food said that it taste good and does not smell.

6. Toothpaste with a Unique Flavor!

image source : kawaiikakkoiisugoi.com

Brushing your teeth is an activity that can't be separated from our daily lives. By brushing your teeth then we will be able to maintain our dental health. Generally toothpaste is commonly used to brush teeth equipped with menthol which gives a cool and fresh sensation.

But in Japan, they have created a variety of toothpaste flavors that are unique and strange. One of them is the curry toothpaste!