5 Things You Should Never Say To Your Boss

5 Things You Should Never Say To Your Boss

Want to keep a good relationship with your boss at work? Keep out of these 5 words below, so you will always look professional.

1. "I don't know."

If the boss throws you a question, avoid useless answers like "um ... I don't know." Instead, say: "I'll find out soon." Think smart!

2. "It's not my fault."

The answer will make you sound like a child who is not to blame. It's time to step up! An adult will take the initiative to take responsibility, provide solutions, or fix the problem as much as possible.

3. "I really don't like that person."

Disliked the behavior of a co-worker? Do not complain to the boss, because you should be able to maintain professionalism and keep working together. Try to handle it between the two of you before deciding to bring the drama to the boss.

4. "I'm hard to focus today."

Then? It's not the boss's problem if you do not get enough sleep or are thinking about personal issues. Take a moment to restore concentration - take a walk, drink a glass of coffee, or listen to music that can help you focus your work. Do not let the boss think that you can not divide the time well.

5. "That's not my job."

Your responsibility is not just a job description. When you are asked to do something new, consider it a challenge that will add experience. If you do not know how to do it, do some research and do not be ashamed to ask!